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Everything is coming to a point.

God, please help me, I dont want to die!

                 Okay, so this is about my second mushroom session.  Im not entirely sure if i posted this already...hope not..

                 So it starts out as a typical summer evening around 7pm.  I'm at my apartment in downtown Honolulu with my two friends, Adam and Karly.  The three of us decided that we wanted
some bud, so I make a call to a friend of mine.  We go out to meet him to grab the 1/8 of bud, but along the way, I decided that I wanted to do mushrooms for the second time.  Luckily, he had just an eighth of Psilocybe Cubensis left, so I grabbed that with the bud (Psilocybe Cubensis DOES NOT grow naturally in the Hawaiian islands, so this is some great luck.) and start heading
back to my apartment.  We get back around 7:30ish, and decide that we're all really hungry.  So we order from this chinese restaurant that does delivery.  After placing the order over the phone,
I thought it would be a great idea to eat the mushrooms then and there.  So I ate half of the 1/8 with orange juice, while Adam starts rolling a fat j. It had a nice taste to it, kind of like salted peanuts.

                Now its around 7:50pm, and we're sitting in my living room burning.  We turn on the television to see whats on, and I noticed that everything started to feel a bit "different."
You know what I mean.  So naturally, Im excited to start tripping.  Everything starts coming to life...eveything starts to slightly move, shift, rotate, etc.  I remember feeling a bit giggly around then.
So we're watching tv, and I noticed that the wood grain on my front door starts to flow like a river, and everything seems a bit bright, colors start flowing from the television and blending into the air, if you can imagine that.  It's like almost 8:30pm now and Im just having a pleasant time coming up, and then all of a sudden, "BANG BANG BANG!!"  I almost jump out of the couch I was in, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?"  I say.  Adam gets up and opens the door, only for me to find out that it was the delivery guy with our chinese take out.  I totally forgot about that..

               We sit down and start to eat, I had two scoops of fried rice and orange chicken.  So I start munching away, even though the mushrooms had kicked in really fucking hard.
As I start to eat, I poked my plastic fork into the orange chicken, and heard a squealing noise, so I looked down at my plate, and saw that i wasn't eating orange chicken, I was eating miniature, deep fried baby elephants, that were still alive!!  I try to eat the fried rice, but couldn't because it was staring back at me with a sinister smile.  Naturally, as any normal person would, I lost my appetite.  "Uh, I dont think I can eat right now, I just lost my appetite guys."  So I get up and try walking to the kitchen to put the food away. I open the refridgerator door, and i remember seeing a burst of color exploding from within.  I look down and I recall seeing the floor tiles spinning in different directions, and I just felt really, really heavy for some reason.  I sit down and start watching tv with Adam and Karly again. And things start to spiral downhill, nothing like the first time i tripped.

               If any of you recall the commercial for the Honda Pilot SUV, where this family is driving through some country backroads and come across a huge troll with a giant baseball bat/club.
That freaked the shit out of me because I look over at Adam and Karly, "Can you guys PLEASE change the channel, I dont like this, its scaring me." "Are you serious? OKAY, okay, fine, i'll change it."  Says Adam.  Now, there was another commercial, this time, for A1 steak sauce.  Its the one where this guy is at a restaurant eating a steak or something, and he reaches for the bottle of sauce, only to find that theres a couple drops left.  so being the fat pig he was, he turns the bottle upside down and starts smacking the bottom of the bottle, desperately going for the last couple drops of sauce, and as he smacks the bottle, everyone in the restaurant starts jumping up and down every time he hits the bottle.  And I remember there was this creepy opera/orchestra type music playing in the commercial which took my fear up to another level.  "Can you guys PLEASE, PLEASE change it?  I dont like this either, its freaking me out."  Now just when I didn't think things could get any worse, I realize, boy, was I mistaken.  The next channel that came on was the Sci-Fi Channel. GREAT CHOICE!  Ha.  And guess what was on?  The old school episodes
of Star Trek. >.<    I recall not liking that very much.  I look over at Karly as she watches the show, and I remember there was this hairy chewbacca type of creature that was on the show, and Karly, starts to FULL ON, morph into the creature that was on the tv, and Adam, started to physically morph into Spock, with the hair, and suit and all.

              Im thinking to myself, "..oh my god, oh my god, im losing my fucking mind!!  This isn't anything like the last trip."  What happened next i vaguely remember...I just remember sitting in my living room one moment, and the next, my ENTIRE living room, became the Starship Enterprise.  "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!"  I thought to myself.   I took off my glasses because it started trying to eat me, so I threw it across the room.  Things started to get crazier.  I had this idea of bolting outside and running away from everything, the madness, the fear, the Starship Enterprise, and that chewbacca looking thing, and spock, but I couldn't, and for one reason.  My front door, was no longer a door, but a giant ancient Hawaiian Tiki man sorta thing, like something in  Scooby Doo.  And it was saying something to me, but I couldn't quite understand what...but I didn't care, for the fear that I had, i have never experienced fear or insanity on a magnitude as high as this.  "Guys, Im not feeling too great, I think im going to try and sleep this stuff off..."   BAD IDEA!  I remember lying on the living room floor, on the carpet, with Adam and Karly, looking at me in disbelief, not knowing what to do.  They thought I was poisoned or something, or had bad shrooms.  So they try getting my buddy Mikey on the phone, to see if he could help solve this dilemma.
As all of that was happening, things started going downhill  even more.  They went into the other room to talk on the phone with Mikey, and I had this realization that I was in the process of dying, and that there was nothing I could do about it.  I called out to Adam and Karly, "Please come back, dont leave me guys! Please don't leave me, stay here with me!"  Now Im on the floor in the fetal position, like a little baby.  Helpless, scared, not knowing what to do, know that my death was mere moments away, knowing, that I was never going to see my friends or family, or anyone again.
I start crying, crying like a fucking baby. tears running down my face, "...Adam, Karly, stay with me, dont leave! I think Im dying..."  "Everything is going to be okay, don't worry, everything is going to be fine."  says Karly, but I knew that wasn't true.  I started feeling my physical body dissolving, dissapating into the carpet, melting into another dimension, universe, whatever you wanna call it.
I could feel my physical body being ripped apart, slowly, painfully, by unseen hands.  These unseen hands were the force that was pushing, causing me to melt, like a giant hand squshing a bug into the carpet.  My legs, my arms, my head and neck, were bring pulled on in every direction by these unseen hands, as I slowly melted into the living room floor, and I remember Karly, grabbing one of my hands and holding on to it, because i was still crying.  I still dont remember what I was saying, but, according to Karly, one thing she remembers me saying was, " ..the darkness, is approaching, its getting closer, and closer, and everything is coming to a point.  Everything is coming to a point. Everything. Is. Coming. To. A. Point."   Apparently, I kept repeating that line over, and over and over and over.  I remember thinking, man, Im dying right now, and my friends are watching, my family is gonna be disappointed with the fact that I did this drug, called mushrooms.  Just feeling completely, extremely, sad, scared, alone. :'[

             Finally, as I completely melted into the universe.  Time itself came to a screeching halt.  Everything around me, reality itself
came to a standstill, and then came apart, like someone ripping a sheet of paper into many little pieces.  And finally, I remember calling out to God, because that was the only word I was able to utter, I kept saying, "GOD, GOD, PLEASE GOD!"  It was the only word I knew.  And so I kept saying it.  And then all of a sudden, the fear, the insanity, the feeling of being alone stopped.  Time and reality as I knew it ceased to exist.  I was no longer in my living room, or on planet earth for that matter.  And I just remember feeling, of peace, and love, and unity with a higher order, or whatever it was that was there.  I felt it.  It was so real.  More real than the everyday reality we're all accustomed to.  Everything felt peaceful, and infinite.  I felt a oneness with whatever it was that saved me from the madness.  And as soon as it all had started.  I snapped out of it, as if it we're only a mere dream.  I got up on my feet, Adam and Karly, looking at me with the strangest look ever.  I walked into my bedroom and passed out. 10:30 pm. End of session.

           Still to this day, I dont fully understand the meaning of this trip. I dont understand what I meant by, "Everything is coming to a point."  All I can say is that, something saved me from the madness that was consuming me that evening.  And I am grateful.  This trip was the most epic trip Ive ever had.

           It was beyond words.

                                                                     Til next time, stay safe! :]

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