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Acid,shrooms and e


    Its friday night. I had some lsd,mushrooms and ecstacy. I have mixed shrooms with e and acid with e but never mixed acid and mushrooms until last night and let me tell u i dont think im ever gonna do it again.
    So i get off work and am hanging out with a friend at around 6 pm. I've been planning on taking acid, mushrooms, and e for awhile. so i took 2 hits of good blotter and took a bomb around 7pm. from then till about 1 am i felt great(not getting in much detail right now, it was kinda just a normal crazy candyflip)
    I had downed a gram of dry cubensis that i had sitting in lemon juice around 10:30 pm. i felt amazing, the shrooms were adding to the trip but not too much. My friend needed to leave so i was left alone in my house tripping balls. It wasn't bad, i was having a great trip, well atleast for a little while.
    All of a sudden almost all my visions disappeared, and then the voices started. I couldn't understand them but i knew they were mocking me. I knew that if tried to ignore the voices they would just get worse. so i went with it, i was relxing and talking to these voices. I was able to controll it, but then a few min later for no reason at all i started bugging.
    The voices got worse , if i said anything it would echoe but in a totally different voice then mine and i started seeing beings out of the corner of my eye, and when i looked at them there would be just a black cloud in the air. Dispite all this going on i still manage to keep control. But i guess the voices didn't want me to be in control. I got up for some reason,felt completely fine, then for no reason i can barely walk, i would walk and end up turning around as if someone grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.
    I went to walk to the couch and sit down, but when i went to sit down the couch disappeared for a second. Then the timeloop started. I started having out of body experiences, cool but was so creepy. I would be sitting down, barely any visuals at all then i would be seeing my body laying there infront of me. My body and the couch kept moving. I was still in the same place  but every few second i would be looking at the lower half of my body on my couch(the couch and the lower half of my body were moving like 4 feet away from me). Everytime this happened my legs were moving and were doing something different everytime this out of body experience occured.
    I was going insane. i was hearing wierd voices, and seeing ppl sitting next to me out of the corner of my eye. Every few seconds my body and couch would shift, if i got up i had a complete out of body experience, it was wierd tho i would see myself then be back seeing out of my own eyes, then a second later id be looking at myself but from a different angle.
    Through out all this i went with it i knew that if i tried to fight it at all it would just come back even worse. I was passed the border of insanity.

    If it wasnt for my friend just randomly showing up at my house i would have lost it. My legs and couch kept moving away from me, my friend thought i was crazy because i kept telling him wut was going on and i kept rambling on about the same thing, about how my legs kept moving away from my body and were dancing. My sister came home soon after my friend came over so i was able to kinda get control of the trip back. I'm still completely out of it at 1 pm the next day.

    Sorry for all the rambling on. Im not too good at writing trip reports and i am still in my own world lol. I just needed to talk about this trip because it was so wierd, it went from colors and patterns everywhere and on everything to barely any hallucinations, i was tripping so hard and all of a sudden i felt sober and this is when the voices started. So when i was hearing the auditory hallucination and seeing people looking at me out of the corner of my eye i felt completely sober, and every 5 seconds i would be looking at myself      ( it was like a 3rd person videogame, but sometimes i would be looking at myself face to face) or i would see my legs or arms separated from my body about 2 ft away dancing when i wasnt even moving.
lol i felt like the shroom gods were out to get me because everytime i felt wierd i just went with it and the edge would go away then all of a sudden out of no where all the craziness would come back but stronger.

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