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Camping trip in true drug fiend style.

Earlier this year, I proposed the idea of a camping trip during the school holidays to one of my best friends, R, who also, coincidentally, is my main companion while smoking weed or taking any other kind of illicit substance.

Earlier this year, I proposed the idea of a camping trip during the school holidays to one of my best friends, R, who also, coincidentally, is my main companion while smoking weed or taking any other kind of illicit substance. As soon as I mentioned it he jumped at the idea.

Soon after, we started planning the trip.

Originally, we had wanted to take the whole first week of our three week holiday and spend the whole time camping out on his family’s property, which is out in the bush about 50 kilometers out of town, and has a house built on it. Although after proposing the idea to our parents, and making some compromises, we cut it down to 3 days and 3 nights. Also, we recruited two other people for the trip; R’s older brother, T, and R’s friend and my casual acquaintance, C.

T is somewhat of me and R’s mentor, as he introduced both of us to the wonderful world of substances, and was to be the supplier of the trip. Originally, he had only intended to drive us out to the property and stay the night, but ended up staying the whole time.

As there was to be no parents involved, we decided we would go all out and get as much weed as possible for the trip. We ended up getting an ounce of quality bush, one E, and one tab of acid. The acid and E were really only to supplement the weed, and R and T ended up splitting the acid, and I had the E. We were set.

Soon came the day that we were to embark on our adventure.

T and R came and picked me up at my house, as T was to drive us. We then picked up C, and began the 45 odd minute drive out to the site.

When we arrived, R and T’s dad was there to show us around the place. He left as soon as he had shown us the basics of how to operate the houses generator and water tanks.

As soon as he left, we, full of anticipation, broke out the ounce. All the equipment was on the table, all that needed to be done now was for a bowl to be chopped, and a bong to be made, but I, being so impatient, decided to roll a joint to christen the bag. I rolled one up really badly, and finished it in a couple of minutes, just in time to partake in the first round of cones.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, in the first night, we finished off half of the bag.

During this monster session, I brought out my ipod and speakers, and we were all just chilling around the table, non-stop passing the bong around, listening to The Doors. At one point, the song Riders on the Storm came on, and this made me trip out hard. As the speakers were really shit quality, it distorted the sound when turned up too loud. So I was listening to the song, and was thinking of how sinister it sounded, and was miming along to the piano riffs, pretending to play some kind of air piano. Later on, R and T would tell me how weird this looked to them, as if I was some kind of wizard conducting the song.

Also, as I was looking around at the others, there seemed to be an odd, untrusting vibe being sent out towards me. I was starting to get paranoid, as whenever the bong came my way, everyone seemed to be staring at me intently. Later on in the afternoon, I got up to get some food, and when I came back, T and I swapped seats, and my perspective instantly changed. Everyone seemed much happier, and we were all laughing about one thing or another. Another strange thing that was tripping me out was the chairs we were sitting on. They were this plastic kind with mesh fibre seats, and they sunk low, so when you sat down on them you would have to just drop your weight onto them. Whenever I got up to do something, sitting back down was the oddest feeling, it was like falling into an abyss, and when I hit the seat, electric tingles would shoot up from my feet to my thighs.

Many cones later, we decided to start a fire. By this time T and R had already had their acid and were feeling the effects, so I was itching to take my pill. I decided I would wait until it started to get a little darker, so we built up the fire, and got it blazing after a little time. We then brought down our seats and were sitting around the fire, just reminiscing and talking about people we knew from school or other places. Around the area where we had built our fire, was a semicircle of trees, and their canopies sort of branched towards each other, so there was a small circle of sky at the top. It felt to me like a giant, organic cage, but I did not feel trapped. It felt as if I was being kept safe, and was a very calming feeling. Later on, R would say this looked like we were on the inside of a volcano, and after that, I couldn’t help visualising the same thing.

It was starting to get dark, so I downed the pill, and waited for the effects. I wasn’t sure whether I would feel it in its extent, due to how blazed I was, but all I know was, I did feel it.

After taking the pill, we cooked up some tea and were waiting around the fire. I finished my canned stew and sat there waiting, thinking the whole time, “Am I feeling this?”

I was sitting there doubled over with my head in my arms resting, when suddenly I looked up and felt the most amazing rush. I looked up at the others and exclaimed, “Ohhh, that was it!”

The rest of the night for me was spent tripping hard on everything around. I looked at the fire, and was seeing shapes form and disappear in the flames.

Later on, C decided he would go to bed as the immense amount of weed we smoked made him feel really tired. So T, R and I stayed up sitting around the table listening to music. After talking for a while and laughing about a range of things, T asked me what the time was.

I looked at my ipod, and it read 8:15 PM. As soon as I told them, both of them freaked, and T ran off yelling and laughing, “Quarter past 8! Quarter past 8!” while R was just yelling “WE’RE FUCKING DOOOOMED!”

This freaked me right out for a second, as they had both disappeared and I was way too blazed to divine any meaning from why they had both reacted the way they did, but eventually they calmed down and came back to the table. We all had a laugh about our current situation, talking about how we were going to run out of food and that we would need to drive to the shop the next day to get some. We all then decided that we were not going to smoke any more until the night after. As you may expect, this did not turn out to be the case. After finishing for the night, we all went to bed, still stoned as all hell. I had some crazy dreams that night, but slept well.

The next morning, we all woke up hungry as, so we decided to cook ourselves some toast and bacon over the fire. We talked and laughed for a while about the events from the night before, and then we decided that we just could not wait to smoke some more billies after breakfast. So we finished up with breakfast, and got straight back into it.

After smoking some more cones, I was feeling really good and there was a real good vibe going, so we all decided to go down to the creek for a fish, so we rolled some joints, gathered the fishing gear and off we went. For the most part, the walk there was through an old dried creekbed with lots of large rocks in it that normally hurt the feet to walk on, but as I was so stoned already I barely felt them. The trees all around me felt like really friendly beings, watching over me in silence as I walked past them.

Soon enough, we reached the creek, and lit up a joint to relax after the walk. I was looking at the water as I sat down, and it looked to me as if the reflections in the water of the trees on the other side of the creekbed were painted with oil paints, as if the surface of the water was a canvas with an ever-moving image on it. This made me feel good for a while, until we started actually fishing. We were using old sausages from the night before as bait, so I don’t think we were expecting to catch anything, but somehow we managed to get a small one on the line after not too long. When whoever was holding the line brought it in, I looked at the fish and it was the strangest thing I’d ever seen. The orange and red spots on its skin seemed to be moving, giving it the appearance of a fish made of jelly. Everyone was telling me to get it off the hook, but I was way too scared to even touch it, because of how it looked like it would feel. I thought I was going to crush and kill it with the slightest touch. It eventually just fell off the hook and someone else threw it back in the water after observing it for a while. A little while later, after I had calmed down, someone had the bright idea to start a fire. So we gathered up all this leaf litter and twigs and stuck it in between two roots at the base of a tree. We lit it up, and it whooshed into flame, and almost set the tree on fire. I freaked out really badly on this, but I was laughing a lot at the same time about how fucked it was and how stupid it was to light the fire in the first place, but I eventually put it out by filling up a 2 litre coke bottle with creek water and extinguishing it.

After that we ended up walking back to the house, because we had smoked all of our joints and were keen for more weed.

When we got back though, we were all really hungry, but had no snack food left from the night before and didn’t want to cook anything, so we decided to drive to the service station at the end of the long road from the property. We didn’t smoke any more weed before this, as T needed to be as sober as possible to drive us there. We then got all our stuff and drove out there.

When we got to the servo, I was still really bombed, and the whole place had a kind of creepy vibe to it, like the petrol station in the movie The Hills Have Eyes. When I was at the counter buying my things, the old man who owned it was having trouble with the cash register, so his wife, who also worked there, came and took over. From first sight of us, the old woman seemed to have us sussed out, but didn’t say anything. After that, we were waiting outside for T, eating ice creams, when this dog ran up to us, with an old man chasing it. When he reached the dog, he looked at C, who was eating one of those Kit-Kat ice creams, and said “Have a break, have a kit-kat!” in the weirdest accent I’ve ever heard. This freaked me and C out heaps, and we got away from him as quickly as possible.

After we made it back to the campsite, we smoked a few more bongs and packed it in at about 6:30 because we were all tired and exhausted, and had vowed not to smoke any more weed for the rest of the trip, as there was barely any left anyway. The next day we recovered and walked up the mountain, and it was good to have a day of recovery before we made it back home.

After the whole experience I was so spent that I decided I would never smoke weed again, but since, I haven’t been able to stay away. The whole trip was an insightful and fun experience and the most I have ever tripped on weed alone, but I don’t think I’ll be smoking weed in such a tremendous amount for a while.

Thanks for reading, that thing was a monster.

Comments would be appreciated too!

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