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What am I

What did i get myself into

Me and my friends had bought 20 g's of shrooms, we split the 20 between 4 of us, 2 of my friends ate about 4 g's each and me and my other friend had about 6 each. We had taken shrooms a few times before this but nowhere near this much, we had no idea what we were in for.

Normal part of the trip:

We ate the shrooms close to a school at around 9 pm; the shrooms were huge and it took us about 20 mins to eat all of them. We ate them we began our journey down to the lake. After about 20 minutes of walking i noticed that everything had begun to slow down a little bit, as if i had just smoked a bowl. About 10 minutes later we ran into some people that we knew, but me and 2 of the other original trippers continued walking because we didnt want to stand around and talk. We were now at the lake and we were walking towards the park that was there, our other friend was down the road still talking to the people. This is when we started to feel magical, we noticed this big tree and for some reason it was amazing. We looked at it for awhile and then went and layed down in the park. The wood chips felt soo amazing, i kept feeling them and throwing them around.  by the time our other friend had caught up to us we were intensly magical. We were looking up at the stars, and they seemed to be constantly shooting around like lazers. Everything looked like it was a cartoon, nothing really looked real anymore. My friend came and stood infront of me and he looked like he was 200 feet tall, this blew my mind. We continued to trip for the next 20 or 30 minutes.

Crazy part of the trip:

It was only 4 degrees outside, and for some reason i began to think that if i didnt leave the park i would freeze to death. I stood up and started to walk really fast towards home, my friends asked where i was going, i thought told them i was going home and that they could come with me, but apparently i just turned around and looked a them and said nothing; i must have thought i told them in my head and asumed i said it to them lol. I began to almost jog home, everything around me seemd like it was out of a movie, it was so dark and creepy. Then i started to hear people talking at a house near by, and for some reason it sounded like they were yelling at me. Even though i knew i was tripping out i started to walk faster just to get away from them. At this point i was almost jogging down the street. i came to a cross walk , and a car came and stopped at the stop sign for me to cross, and for some reason i didnt know what to do; i looked at the car and it looked so weird it didnt even look like a car it was soo bright and oddly shapped. I decided that i would walk behind the car to cross the road. I finally got home somehow and found my way into my room. This is when i think i went into some other dimension. I layed on my bed and became so confused at what was going on. I was insane, i started to do the same thing over and over again. I thought that it was impossible to get off my bed; when i went to one side of my bed, the other side would appear infront of me, so no matter what i did i was always facing one way. All of a sudden i heard a really weird sound and i stopped trying to get off my bed, i found the thing that was making the noise, i realized later that it was my phone lol. I managed to open up the phone (at which this time i thought it was a random object) and i heard my freinds voice come out of it (one of the freinds i was tripping with earlier) He was asking where i was but i couldnt speak, all i could do was think about everthing that was going on. I began to think that my freind was phoning from another dimension. I hung up and then he texted me, the text said "where are you?" When i read this i  thought for sure i must have entered another world. when i looked at the text i saw that the phone had water pouring off it, as if it was leaking water from inside. Then I appeared lying on the floor in my room, somehow i had gotten off my bed but i dont remember doing it. I looked up at this poster i had on my wall of a naked chick, i stared at it for a long time just smiling at her. I was amazed at how awsome she looked. I eventually gained enough conciousness to get up and leave my room. I struggled to open my bedroom door, but when i opened it i didnt recognize anything, the hallway looked very different, and i started to think i was in the wrong house. I went to the bathroom and it looked different too and the toilet was completly round, it wasnt oval shaped. I almost started to panic, i had to make sure i was in my house, so i went down stairs and looked in the other bathroom, it looked very different as well, and the toilet was also perfectly round . For some reason i started to do this over and over again, i would check the upstars bathroom and then the downstairs one, i did this 4 or 5 times. For some reason i was only concerned with the bathrooms, maybe i had to piss or somthing lol i dont know. After realizing i was in the right house i went back to my room where i layed down again. I started to hear my Aunts voice for some reason, she was talking to me but she lives no where close so i was just halucinating her voice. I went down stairs in my living room where my brother was sitting. I sat at my computer but i didnt know how to use it. My brother kind of suspected that i was tripping so he asked if i wanted to use the computer and i said yes, and he laughed and turned it on for me. I then started to think about what had happend that night, but at this point the last thing i could remember was lying in the park being way too cold. I quickly assumed that i had died in the park and that everything i had experienced was just what happens to sombody when they die. I thought that i was on the other side, as if i were a spirit or somthing. I turned to my brother and asked him if i had died. He looked at me very strangely and laughed. After i said that to him he realized that i was trippping and he thought that it would be funny to do weird things to trip me out more. He started to walk around doing the most random things knowing that it would blow my mind. we went down in my lower basement and i laid on the ground and watched him do things. He found some freaky bright feathered hat and started playing darts and drinking a 40 of heinekin right infront of me. He kept talking about past things that have happend to us in our lives. I still thought i was dead and that my brother was just a memory of my brother from when i was alive. I thought that this was how the afterlife worked, i thought that you just re-lived all of your memories and that everyone around you was just a memory of what they were like in your life. I thought for sure i was dead but it didnt scare me at all. I checked my pulse and i couldnt feel anything, i didnt even feel warm at all. The rest of the night i layed there thinking about how i had ruined my life and how i had to live in this world forever. I woke up the next day and i was sober, but was still convinced that i was dead. it took me about a half an hour or so after i woke up to find out that it was all one big crazy trip. It was the most amazing experience of my life and it changed my life in a very positive way.

I have done shrooms twice before this and both times it was amazing, but neither of them got this out of hand. I have also done them 3 times since but 2 of those 3 trips i had bad mushrooms and felt very sick. But in two days from now me and some of my other frinds are getting about 1/8 th each, which is the most i will have now. Apparantly these shrooms are very strong so i should be in for another good adventure....................................................................... Happy tripping everyone!

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