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Out of this world.

6 gram Hawaiian trip

Here is a trip report of a 6 gram Hawaiian dose, between 3 people. If you have a short attention span, then you probably shouldnt continue. :cool:

Ill try and write this as clearly as possible, but a lot of it, I couldnt even begin to put into words.

Ill begin by setting the scene. I had just moved into a new house, two good friends were coming up to stay to basically, smoke drink and trip and things were looking good.

We started off by getting the 6 grams of shrooms, weighing out 3 grams into 3 separate piles of 1 gs and put them inside a cake slice. We cut the cake into 3 pieces and consumed...

A little while after I began to feel the effects, everything became very dreamy and floaty, like I wasnt really there and then I begin to hallucinate. I looked to the side of me and my friend was morphing into a creature. He looked just like Gollum from Lord of the rings. I was getting freaked out and decided not to look at him.

I looked at my other friend and the beard on his face was spinning, literally spinning around his face at about a million miles an hour. He started twitching in a really creepy way and this was sending me into a bit of a bad trip. Dont ask how, but it was the freakiest thing at the time.

I began to go on a downward spiral, I was having a very bad trip. I was constantly trying to not think of bad or negative things, but that of course made me think of them. Then I remember thinking what is the one thing that would scare me the most.

The girl from the ring.

In the corner of my eye, I see black smog appearing in all parts of the room and it is turning into the girl ghost from the ring and its coming towards me, from all directions.

I remembered something about bad trips and how alcohol may get rid of them...I began to furiously down as much cider, beer and anything alcoholic I could get my hands on.

This did not work. I then was thrown into a whole level of fuckedness, I was having a bad trip and things were pretty shit. Every time Id reach for the bottle a storm of bad thoughts and feelings would surround me.

I didnt touch any more alcohol after that.

We were watching the Incubus live dvd and any evil sounding part of the song, or loud noise, a drum hitting. anything would spiral me into a worse trip. When I think about it now, I wonder why I didnt just turn it off, but at the time, it was like I was stuck there.

About an hour before this, we had done a bit of MD. It started to kick in and I think the only way I can describe it is...pure fucking heaven. It was like I had been given another chance at life, the room was as bright as the sun, everything was shiny and amazing. I was happily tripping and things were fucking cool. Even a trip to the toilet would be like an adventure, going up the stairs, colours moving everywhere, tiles coming out of the walls and floors like 3D. Truly amazing visuals.

As I was no longer having a bad trip, we decided to do some more shrooms. We didnt like the taste much of them, so we decided to melt a bar of galaxy in a pan, add 3 grams of dark Moroccan sativa hash and 2 grams of Hawaiians, ground up. Melted the bar back together and began to eat it.

I was still tripping fucking balls at this point, but it was really fun and I was enjoying it a lot at this point. We ate the rest of the chocolate.

About 2 hours had past and I was in another world, we were sat on my bed listening to music and any change in the song would completely affect your mood, the music sounded so epic. I remember we put on G3 live and it was amazing. So I was still tripping balls, I look at my friend and he is not there, but what I see is a flowing mountain range. He looked like a melting mountain range, thats the only way I can describe it.

We put the rest of the shrooms in a pile and began to eat them like you would eat mixed nuts. They were all gone and this is where it gets fucking weird.

I was playing with the EDIT wristband and it was glowing so brightly green and it started to actually stick to my hand and it was becoming a part of my arm, it would stick to it and mold into my skin, so naturally, I throw it at my friend and it then starts to stick to him. We throw it into the corner of the room, and are officially freaked the fuck out. It was like it was alive, glowing, twitching in the corner of the room.

We decided we would go and have a joint out of my window. What I saw when I looked out was the most amazing thing I have ever seen visually, it was like a cartoon Christmas wonderland, everything was snowing, completely white and my friends car was floating and waving like a cartoon. completely 3D.

I turned round and the corner of my room, we had the top of a pineapple on my speaker. and this started to morph with the candle and it looked like it was on fire and my whole wardrobe was on fire (I was too fucked to care if it was real or not) it looked like a floating Hawaiian island, just there in my room.

I think this is when the mushrooms fully kicked in, as I never thought they would control my mind like they did. I was thinking things in my head and then suddenly, I said to myself "what the fuck, did I say that in my head or out loud" I thought my friends could read my mind. I then got them to leave the room and was thinking to myself, how am i going to live, I can never speak to people again, everyone can read my mind!

When I was on the bed, I realized the window was open and wanted to go to shut it, but I physically couldnt get up out of bed, because it was becoming a part of me like the wrist band. It was morphing into a part of me and I was completely stuck. I eventually stood up and my feet were melting into the floor and I decided to just go back to bed. Then I thought "fuck Ive made such a mess" All the stuff that was on my bed was everywhere around the room, Id blink and everything in my room would be switched around in a complete mess. Id blink again, and it would be completely re-arranged differently. I couldnt tell if it was real or not.

I looked at the clock and it began to melt like the famous Dali painting:

The clocks hands would spin constantly , really fast and made it impossible to tell what time it was, then the rest of the room would do the same thing.

I looked at my hands and they were turning into that famous picture with the stairways coming from all angles. This was amazing to look at, but I had to stop every few seconds because it started to freak me out.

I also did one thing that people said you should never do when on shrooms. Look in a mirror. I was basically bubbling and melting and it looked like I was injured and bleeding and cut all over me. It was like a horror movie picture. It was really cool at the time though.

Next I walked up to my Led Zeppelin, Mothership poster (The one with the blimp on it) and it was like it was 100 feet wide and the word mothership was flashing like a massive L.E.D light, but such bright colours, you could almost step into the poster it was that vivid.

That pretty much sums up what happened, apart from the few hours after my friends left the room, it was like I was a superhero, I could completely control the trip, make things hover and float, morph my hands and arms into any shape I wanted, completely control what I was seeing in the mirror and basically trip fucking balls for a while. it was like being in an extremely lucid dream.

Hope you enjoyed reading and fuck me, that was long! :laugh:

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