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Complete and utter insanity/bliss


So me and my friends had been looking for shrooms for about a month, and we finally stumbled upon 3 chocolate bars of shrooms, and our night began after we drank a little brew.

We took the shrooms at about 9:20 in the evening and then drank a bunch of orange juice to make us trip faster. We then called a friend and asked her to pick us up and take us to her hotub because it is out in the yard with woods and stars. I noticed about ten minutes in my heart was racing and our pupils had all gotten huge! As i was sitting in the hot tub, all my friends looked completely different and i began to stare off and stare at the dogs, who at teh time, looked like dogs that were realy pissed off haha. we left the hot tub, and my friend dillon picked up rocks and started to whisper to me that they had a purpose, along with the music notes he found. The night was just beginning.

We arrived back home, and me and jacob walked down to the gas station to buy food. As we were walking back i began to notice that cars were almost fleeing from something so i dropped my bad of cheese puffs. I told myself that it was fine to litter because to ants, cheese pluffs were like shrooms, that the ants would find them and begin to trip, but then i realized that if society found these, i would be charged with drug distribution! i started freaking and went home. this is when teh fun reallly began.

We went to my car and brought a gravitron and took rip after rip of ganja, and at that moment, i felt insane. i would ahve a thought and would lose it into time and space. i closed my eyes and went into another dimension almost where all colors and objects were morphing and moving and i would be flying through all this with my spirit only as i couldnt see my body in these "mind trips". My friend started making faces at me and i started freaking and my other friend said i looked like a fly. i looked at dillon and realized that his face was morphing in and out into different shapes based on his emotions. I then stared ahead and a winter forest came rushing at me and i was running through it again with different shapes and colors all over the place. we then listend to Lovers in Japan by Cold Play and we all thought we were tumbling down a hill dodging unexplainable objects. i tried talking on the phone but couldnt understand anything and then realized that it was 4 am. that we had been in my car for 4 hours, tripping harder then i have ever tripped before.

We all started fading in and out and i thought my car was floating over time and the ground and i realized that this was the most perfect setting any person could ask for and that this was what life was about. i was more comfortable then i had ever been and my car felt like the coziest place on earth. i went inside as my friends and i were babbling and stumbling. i closed my eyes to go to sleep and all the thoughts i had floted in my mind for what seemed like eternal bliss.

I woke up the next day and everythign was more beautiful tehn it had ever been before and i was the happiest i ahd ever been. I think i probably became a bit dumber because of last night with all the weed, alcohol, and shrooms i had, but it was the greatest night and most enlightening night i had ever had

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