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not really tripping...but best experience of my life!!!

It was one of my best mates birthday party on saturday. I had picked up 5 grams of mdma powder for his party, 1gram being mine. Was just a house party with the whole setup.  I have done mdma a few times before, but this time was the best, probably because of the ammount i took...but i have never felt so good in my life...

Myself and 2 other good mates got to his house, and started sorting out bombs for ourselves, I made 1 quarter gram bomb and two 1/8 gram bombs, sold a quater gram to my mate, and had a quater gram left. then we went out to a pub and has a few beers to start the night off. We get back and get some music going, chilled out for a bit drinking and having a laugh. My mates other friends start to turn up, all of them i didn't know. The night begins.

I dropped the quater gram bomb first....and i started coming up in 20 mins! and ohh my gosh! i fell in love with every thing, the music, the people...it was like breathing in life. I started talking to all of the people i didn't know and bonded like i have never bonded before to people. Felt like i had known them for ages. Every thing started to go wierd now...in the living room there was a table with the decks and speakers with a strobe going aswell. every time i tryed to flick my ash off my cigerette into an empty beer bottle, the burning end was moving some thing cronic...i couldn't actually flick the ash into the bottle, was jumping around way too much. every thing seemed like.... in my face. The table with the speakers and every thing on always seemed right up in my face, and when i focussed on it, it jumped backwards to where it was meant to be, and then started jumping up and down. I loved what i saw, so i took one 8th g bomb after an hour and a half of dropping the first one. and shortly after that (40 mins) i dropped the other 8th g bomb. every thing was going nuts...jumping around like crazy, and i loved it. Was also drinking beer the whole night, and man beer has never tasted so good! Started sniffing the rest of what i had left now...and gave this other guy i was talking to a line aswell. The jumpiness of  objects lasted a long time! We went up to my mates room...whose birthday it was...and he pulls out some NOS (laughing gas) and the canister thingie, and starts filling up balloons. I had never done NOS before but didn't hesitate to try it...and ohhh my it is awesome for the little time it lasts. then went back down stairs and just danced and talked to people. I didn't go to sleep untill about 6am and did not have any trouble getting to sleep with a lovely girl in my arms. woke up about 11.30 am feeling good still, didn't have a come down at all. What a night!  

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