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Woodrose Seeds

The most amazing trip of my life!

Here's my story of the first time I ever took any form of hallucinogens...

I was reading up about LSD because I wanted to try it and then I remembered the promise I made to myself that I wouldn't ever do anything that isn't natural, so I did a search for "natural LSD" and found that H.B. Woodrose seeds contain LSA, which is a close relative of LSD. I also read that they make you throw up and make your stomach hurt. By the way I took these back when I was in school... it was about mid day (lunch was just getting out) and I took them down with water and chewed for a long long time. I took them with my friend and after about 20 or 30 minutes my stomach started to hurt like I had bad gas or something. I didn't throw up but almost did. I can't describe it very well, but I felt great while I felt sick.

So I finally started to feel well enough to get my head out of the toilet and walked slowly to my class... which happened to be art... It was raining outside and I noticed that I could see a bunch of different colors in each rain drop, and was completely amused by the clouds in the sky because they were all bunched together... that part isn't very clear.

I got in to my class late and my teacher asked me, "Why are you late?" and of course since I was starting to trip I said... "I don't know......" Dumbest most suspicious thing you can say right? Well I kept going through the day and couldn't stop singing the Halo theme song with my friend who knew I was tripping balls, and I kept telling the teacher I felt like I was gonna throw up. This complete douche bag was yelling, "Shut up you're just faking it to get out of class!" and I swear to god if I didn't take those Dramamine I would have thrown up all over him. The teacher finally sent me to the nurse but the nurse wasn't there and I sort of forgot that I had to go back to class and wandered around the school for a while.

Then I went to band, and since it was one of the last days of school we were watching a movie... Ratatouille... Best movie ever and I couldn't stop these little high pitched noises I think they were laughs? Well anyways by the time I got to band I was tripping pretty hard and everything seemed to be cool to me, like it had a fine coating of magic dust that made it interesting. Band finally got out and I met my friend who I was walking with after school, and we had to get something from the art room and he did this thing where he pretended to hit me really fast and it made me trip out like couldn't even talk straight haha it was awesome.

So after we made up some work in art, we started walking towards my friends house who took the seeds. So on the way there he asked me what it felt like, and the only way I could describe it was that the seeds were a magic blender that contained every reality and I threw my own reality into them and mixed them all together. He laughed his ass off at that. We got to my friends house and he said he had been feeling like shit and was pissed at me all day but was tripping balls. He had thrown up maybe 3 or 4 times that day.... I felt bad about that but I warned him that he could have a bad trip.

We kept walking, and I found a $10 bill and he got me to think that it was his that he dropped but it was in front of him... I believed him and was like "Wow thanks man, you're a good friend." ...eventually I just sat down because he had to go meet up with someone, and I was just staring up at the sky, and thinking out loud... "It's so BIG! How does something get that big??" etc... and he played along and made me feel like I wasn't a complete dumbass haha. So he had been gone for maybe 10 minutes and then I saw him come around the corner and yell, "Come on let's go!" and I said, "Hey I thought you were meeting those two guys?" and then he just kept walking, without saying anything. I was yelling, "HEY! This way is faster dude! Come over here!" but he kept walking away from me, and I ran after him. We were walking on the side of a main road with very heavy traffic and I thought he was messing with me because he was "talking" but no sound came out and I was yelling at him because it was really freaking me out, and then I started to think he really wasn't there, but thought, "Nahh... I'm not tripping that hard... and I can feel the stuff he's throwing at me..." and we got off the main road to the town center (where there are a lot of stores by the way) and he kept trying to tell me something. I asked him, "Read my lips?" and he nodded and smacked me across the face and I laughed. We kept walking and made it through the Albertsons and he was still getting me to read his lips. He was pointing to this stuff, and there was an "O" on the side of the vending machine. He pointed to it and stuck his arm through a pretend circle and I kept asking stuff.. really dumb stuff... like "Asshole?" "Innertube?" etc.. finally he pretended to take a bite out of the O and I figured out he wanted donuts and would meet me upstairs. I went in and got some donuts and started walking towards the book store (goes to the upstairs) and my friends friend who he was meeting came out doing a miners dance thing can't really explain it, but he came out and was messing with me like that too, and I was like, "Damnit I told him not to tell anyone I was tripping!"

So I walked upstairs and saw a bunch of people there and walked past this girl and she yelled "YOU'RE HIGH!!" and I was like "Shh! No I'm not shut up!" and she wouldn't stop bugging me about it. I gave her some of my scones... oh yeah I got stones instead of donuts =)... and she shut up. Then one of my friends got there and asked me where my friend from earlier was, and I told him that he told me to meet him upstairs. This girl next to me was pretending to suck a dick..... and then my friend got there and was talking and I was like, "Dude! Why are you talking to him and you won't talk to me!" and he said, "What the fuck are you talking about man?" and I said, "You wouldn't talk to me on the way here and you kept hitting me and throwing shit at me..." and he was like, "Dude I haven't even seen you for like 3 hours what are you talking about?" and the other guy was like, "Dude I think you just hallucinated most of today..." so I started freaking out and everyone there made me think that I skipped school and that it was only like 11:00 AM but it was around 5:00 or 6:00...

I sat down and watched this lady put on her make up with my friend (girl this time) and she kept obsessing over how ugly that lady was and then everyone was leaving and I didn't want to be alone so I told them (sisters) I had to go to this guys house to hang out and it was right near theirs (I really was going to hang out with this guy we had planned it...) so I walked with them to get to near this guys house which is on the way to theirs and I called him and he said his parents were all suspicious of him smoking and were going to drugtest him and shit and not let him hang out with people or something... So I was completely fucked over. 4 miles from my house with no money, no sense of direction, and I was tripping balls, thanks bud!

I asked the girls if I could chill at their house for a while and they didn't care, so I went with them and sat down and had to act normal in front of their mom... Everything after that is a little bit hazy, but I eventually got a ride home and sat down in front of the T.V. to watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"... trippiest movie ever... I kept thinking that I could draw something and have it come to life or something... So I finally went to bed at 10:00 or 11:00 after a long day, and I sat in bed watching all the visions I got go by. All my thoughts were so colorful and amazing. I had visions of packs of wolves drinking from ponds of rainbow, and weird visions of guys with the top of their head missing, a world for a brain, the right eye was there but the left eye was just a rainbow flowing out. It was pretty cool what I saw and that I can still remember everything so vividly. I would definitely do this again, but I have to make sure to extract the LSA and make a mixture out of the powder with peppermint tea and ginger to reduce nausea. Thanks for reading! Hope you all have fun with your experiments.


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