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Nothing Is Real

My first time with mushrooms. Loss of perception of reality.

I'm fairly experienced with LSD, but until last night, I had never tried psychedelic mushrooms.

I bought an eighth of shrooms and ate them a little before midnight. I wanted to trip alone my first time taking them because I felt like I would have a more spiritual experience. I wasn't really concerned, since I've tripped on acid alone a few times, too. I got prepared for the trip by filling up my iPod with Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, and various other hippie music.

I left my house at about 12:30, and by the time I left I was having some very strange hallucinations, such as spinning floors. I met my friend down at a park to sell her an eighth of pot, and then biked to a giant field.

I covered myself in bug spray, put on my headphones, and stared up at the sky listening to music. I eventually ended up curled up in a ball, and I was having the most absurd hallucinations. I had absolutely no idea what was real and what was unreal. I felt like I was in 10 different places at once. I remember seeing the most psychedelic colors and shapes forming in my head. It was the absolute best feeling I had ever had, and I was having a great trip. I could see each and every note from the music I was listening to, and each of these notes had its own color and shape. These colors and shapes formed together as the songs progressed.

My mind was racing, and had more ideas flowing through my head than I had ever had before. Ideas would only stay in my head for split second, and then they were gone forever, and I was totally unable to recall what I had been thinking about only moments before.

After about an hour (still curled up in a ball) I started whimpering and crying, but at the same time, I was laughing. But I still felt great. I felt like I could see into myself, and I was crying because I was so happy to be able to analyze my thoughts and feelings. I started talking to myself, having deep conversations with my mind about reality and imagination.

I called a very close friend at about a quarter to 2, and decided to bike about 3.5 miles to go meet her at another friend's house.

Nothing was real to me at this point. I could not separate reality from hallucination. I yelled "NOTHING IS REAL" at every person I saw on the street, and laughed hysterically after yelling it every time, because it felt so god damn good to help people to understand what I thought was the nature of reality.

On the bike ride, I saw a few police officers, and totally freaked out (I'm a minor, and it was past curfew. Plus I had an ounce of pot and a scale on me) and hit a traffic cone with my bike. I felt like the police turned around and started following me for about 2 miles of the ride, when they actually hadn't.

I lost all understanding of the concept of time and numbers. I kept repeating various numbers, like "2:30" and "6" to myself. I was totally unable to do basic math in my head. I screamed out "9 plus 5, someone please help me. WHAT IS 9 PLUS 5!?" I counted on my hands, and wound up with some absurd number like 47 before realizing that it doesn't matter, and nothing really matters at all.

I got to my friend's house, and everyone there was stoned and vegged out watching television, and I really hate TV.

When I finally decided to make my bike ride home after talking with my friends for a while, I decided to give all of my money and weed to my friend because I was deathly afraid that I would get stopped by the police on the way home. I wasn't quite sure what the police were, and I even asked "What are police?" multiple times. My stoned friends didn't know how to answer, and just said "uhh, pigs?"

I eventually made it home, and lay in my bed tripping for quite a while listening to Zeppelin before falling asleep.

I enjoyed the mushrooms much better than acid. I loved the fact that I lost contact with reality, and that's not a feeling I ever got with acid.

Please comment! I really want to hear what people have to think about this trip :)

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