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HB Woodrose enlighhtenment

definitely a plant worth looking at!

I have had much experience with hallucinogens and am v fond of all the usual suspects. I recently heard of HBW seeds and decided to experiment as they were readily available and reasonably well priced. I read most of the experience reports on erowid in order that i could learn from other peoples mistakes with the seeds (they have a tendency to make people throw up)
I have tripped on the seeds approx 30 times now and believe that i have got it 'down pat' as it were.

I have never thrown up or had a bad experience with these seeds. My experiences have ranged from mild and pleasant to absolutely awe inspiring and enlightening. 
A  feeling of 'complete understanding' washes over me. I see every facet of everything and how it all interconnects. I am full of Love and am grinning like a Cheshire cat. I feel as though I am melting away into an inifinite world of light and love. It is so perfect, so perfect that i nearly believed it couldnt possibly get any better and that it would build up to some huge crescendo of blissed out perfection at which moment my soul would once again leave my body and dissipate into the infinite and that i would be everywhere and everything(this wasnt disturbing to me). Complete ego loss. Visuals are not as pronounced as LSD/shrooms (so a foaf tells me) but at HIGHdoses are similar, evrything melting absorbing into the next staring into carpets and curtains and getting lost.pupils bigger than ever seen b4.

These seeds are great . The high i have experienced at high doses really is something to behold. I will sit there reclined on the couch eyes wide and mouth agape just repeating things like 'wow........., wow............,wow,' 'jeesus jeeeeesus' 'so beautiful so beautiful evrything evrything so so beautiful') for feeling completely 'blissed out' its akin to a stoned opiate ecstatic trip. It really is beautiful at the higher doses. It definitely has a more sedative effect than the other hallucinogens mentioned

The side effects can b quite a pain, people often throw up and can have quite bad leg cramps. Start with a low dose and work your way up. it'll be worth it when u get there. I dont have those problems and below is how i prep my seeds
1. SCRAPE all of the shell and any residue husk that may have adhered to the outer part of the seed . Fresher seeds tend to be easier and scraping can be done with just a fingernail, if the seeds are a little older a small knife or some scissors will work well.
2. CRUSH em, theyre tough little buggers so if uve got a coffee grinder use that and finish them off in a mortar and pestle until the resulting powder is as fine as you are going to get it. If no coffee grinder i stick mine thru a garlic press and then use the m&p.
3.SOAK em in a bottle of isotonic sports drink (not sprkling) put ur seed powder in the bottle and stick it in the back of a cupboard or somewhere cool and dark.(1x.5l bottle per portion)
4.WAIT 4 days giving it  a bit of a shake a few times a day.

Do not eat for at least 5 hours b4 u drink the juice. (i usually get up, have a late breakfast and then have them 6 hrs later)

They are great for appreciating things such as art and nature and unlike some other substances that can distract u from a movie, these will enhance it no end, believe me! Some of the best films I have ever seen just happened to be on these lil bad boys,

Hope my post is not too rambling. For the profound level of exp[erience above i would use 12-15 madagascan strain HBW (strongest by far) but the same can be achieved with more seeds of the less potent strains i was making  juice with 60 seeds of some old smaller less potent ones. START SMALL AND WORK UP ITS THE ONLY WAY. iF i had taken 60 of the madagascars i really have no idea what kind of realm that would have thrown me into (prob the realm of severe leg and stomach cramps !)

I strongly urge u to try them ujsing the above method and try to find the Madagascan strain. let me know what ya think.


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