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Found God, he's hiding in Murphy

Crazy 2nd trip and what I've gotten out of it after a year of thinking

Ok so last summer my girlfriend and I rent a small cabin in Murphy for a week during the beginning of august. We picked a place out of the way as to not have any nosy neighbors, and brought about 3/8th of an Oz. of unknown strain of cubes, and some really good weed from a friend in tennessee.

Well we end up staying there a week, and tripped around halfway through. We decided to trip during the day since i like being outside in the sunlight alot better. We both eat 3/16ths of an Oz. around 1pm. And procceed to play monopoly with some chill music on for the come up.

After about 30 minutes I notice that the music was getting louder and sounded strange...distant and more twangy. We both decide its time to get in a comfortable position, so we pull out the couch into a bed and lay down and look out through the A-frame windows at the trees, and tell each other just anything that comes to mind.

We both notice that each of us has a particular color assigned to us that matches our temperament...I am assigned red because I am very passionate about anything that i believe in and sometimes have a temper...and my gf is purple because she is very mellow and laid back about everything. Then i notice that, outside, the trees have noticed that we are having an awesome time discovering this new world and bend down to hear better and get a closer look. At first I am awed by them, but then i welcome them into our circle. They bend still closer and converse with us in some sort of deep, earthy language that, for me was like listening to some different dialect. But to my gf it was like listening to bad english with a bad accent and she kept getting lost in the conversation and having to ask me what they were saying.

Then the trees said someone was coming and melted away. I rolled onto my back and listened as a deep rumbling began...Then i noticed the lights on the ceiling were looking at me...and getting brighter. I knew who it was immediatly, even though I'm not usually a religious person, I knew who i was meeting. He just stared with those judgemental eyes. I began to see a playback of all my mistakes in the past. I was forced to watch and recognized every wrong i had ever committed. It became too overwhelming, and I began to weep at the realization of my weaknesses. All he ever said to me was "You know what must be done." And then it was over...I was back in the cabin,  with my gf trying to console me... and the ceiling fan became a surpized spider that would slowly come down and then reset when i would blink...

Since then I have tried to remember my weaknesses and work to strengthen those parts of my personality to better myself. I believe that this has been my most insighful trip to date, and as I have a crop coming in pretty soon, I wonder what He will have to say the next time i meet him...

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