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I've tripped on shrooms before but never hallucinated so much as in this moment..

Some Background: 20 years old, 5'8, 142 pounds, passive pot smoker, 3rd time doing shrooms.

How I got them:

How should I start? I'm college student who's one month away from starting my 3rd year of education. I've been smoking weed for almost 4 years now but recently decided to quit due to personal reasons. I've been looking for shrooms for the last 8 or 9 months. I've asked for them to about anyone I know and anyone I think might have them, no luck.

Well, that was only until 4 days ago. A friend from work (who told me she was going to let me know as soon as she gets on some) texted me saying that she could get an 1/8 of some good ass shrooms for 50 dollars. With no further hesitation I accepted.

The Plan: 10:00 pm

The plan was to trip together with my cousin (in his room) while his parents were asleep. We were going to try to get another 1/8 for him but otherwise we would just split my 1/8 of shrooms between us two. Coincidentially, another friend from work was getting some shrooms as well and ask us if we wanted to split an 1/8 with him. We did it. No only were we going to eat one more half of an 1/8 but end up deciding to trip at this friend's house who I"m gonna call Ken.

Ingestion: 1:30 am

We stopped at a gas station to buy some orange juice to enhance the effect of the shrooms. Ken couldn't resist to wait and started to eat some of his shrooms (note: Ken has already been drinking and smoking at a bar). We finally arrived at his house and... surprise surprise, we forgot he lived with one our managers (who I'm going to call E) from work (Ken, my cousin, and I all work together). That was cool though because she happens to be one of the cool managers and besides she is very young and probably doesn't even care about our business. SO we go into his room and started eating our shrooms. We told our parents we were going to be at a party (we told them this at 1:30 am) and they told us not to stay there for too long.

The Trip: 2:00 am

We ate the shrooms and they looked mad insane, they were gold caps. They had blue bruised up stems and its colors looked way more vivid than any other shrooms I've ate before. We started watching Across the Universe and I knew this movie was trippy because I'vve seen the previews so I was happy for this. At this point, Ken had already started to feel the first effects of the shrooms such as a body high, giggling, and light-headed (note: he ate only about 5 shrooms while we ate about 8 each). Little by little I started to feel the first effects as well as my cousin. The first visual I had (after like 20 minutes of ingestion) was when I saw a picture of the world Ken had in his room, the thing was swirling. Great! I thought, I had this visual before and this was a good sign. I kept on watching the movie at the same time I kept on getting higher and higher.

Then we decided to step out of the room for a minute to go and try to smoke a cigarette. We talked, we laughed, we share some of our visuals and it was great. We decided to go back inside because it was rather cold out. In our way back to the house the shrooms started to hit me stronger.

The Peak: 3:00 am

Inside E was baking a cake, she offered us a taste and it was so sweet and so good my mouth melted. She then asked us for a lighter and for some reason we burst out in laughter. She probably thought we were idiots but I couldn't help not to laugh. Back in the room we tried to watch the movie but it was just too much. My thoughts were all over the place, my ideas kept on melting with one another. The most random things would come into my mind, shit with no end, things I could never think of if I was sober. Objects morphing in my head, geometrical patters with so much color and dept. At some point I couldn't even tell if my eyes were closed or open. For a minute I saw some ancient wall from an old european civiization right next to me, and the next minute I saw Hindu Gods reflecting on my cousin's shirt, and in the walls, and in the ceiling. Those Hindu Gods were made of neon lights of all colors, I've tripped on shrooms before but never hallucinated so much as in this moment. I was scared I'm not going to lie, but i kept my cool, not once I panic. I kept my fears to myself because I knew I was tripping; finally I had the balls to let go and thank god i did because it felt beautiful. I was full of love, full of love for my friends and humanity. I was so very euphoric and kept on laughing together with my cousin making jokes and whatnot. I told him that his feet looked so big and deformed I couldn't even tell if he had three legs. Then he said "What would people think if they open this door and see us laughing and starting at his feet like this?" God we laughed even more, like lunatics I'll say, all this at the same time we were facing confusion and fear, so many feelings, so many emotions, we felt vulnerable; yes, vulnerable, we both came to this conclusion, we both felt so vulnerable like naked children walking in the streets. Tears kept on coming out of our eyes, we don't know if those tears were truly real or part of the trip, we don't know.

At like about 4 in the morning we finally decided to leave. Ken was already asleep because he had throwing up and as I mentioned before he had drank and smoked. We had to go down the stairs because we were in the 3rd floor and that shit was crazy. The stairs looked like fucking sharp blades and I dont know how but we made it out. Thank god we remember where the car was parked (2 blocks away). I had two lollipops and gave one to my cousin. Goddamn thos lollipops were fucking sweet and full of flavor. I had to take a piss I've been meaning to take all night, so I peed on the streets like a fucking maniac, still laughing and being stupid. Then I threw my lollipop on my piss and it broke into million pieces. My piss was like a fuckin substance that look like a big... ameba? gel or jell-o?, like the black thingy Venom from Spider-man is cover on, whatever.

We drove back to his house and my cousin was driving. I tried to help him the best i could because the streets and our vision were distorted and looked like a fuckin video game, very very dangerous to drive while shrooming, but we had to do it. We got to his home and tried to be the quiest we could be so that we didn't wake up his parents, to face them right now would be suicidal because our pupils were huge and we were still hallucinating.

We made it, we made it to his bed and even if they come to check on us we could fake that we were sleeping. Well we tried to sleep but couldn't do it until 6 in the morning. We woke up at 11 and his parents thought we were just out drinking and being irresponsible like always, thank god.

Overall this trip was amazing, level 3-4, I tripped and that's what i wanted to do, am I going to do it again? I don't know, only time will tell but even if I do I won't be doing it any time soon. I'm very tired physically and mentally but very aware of the many things I learned while tripping, this are wonderful gifs from earth and if used responsible they can be very helpful in human and life understanding, much blessing and until next time,

truly yours,
shroom seeka.

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