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A walkin the Park

The most pleasure I get from magic mushrooms is when I take a rather smallish amount and just go walking by myself.

The most pleasure I get from magic mushrooms is when I take a rather smallish amount and just go walking by myself. With friends is fun but so much can happen. This is a soul searching exterise to learn more about yourself and your surroundings. Pick a direction and go. Living the life. I know there must be other people in the world that like doing Mush by themselves in nature. It's quite a memorable event that always changes you a bit and so after taking many a' walk, I decided I better write it down.

I tought I had to work yesterday but I found out I wasn't on the schedual. It was a beautiful spring day on the praries and I had extra mush so I decided I better take use of this surpise freetime. It was kinda of windy which kept many people indoors. Good for a guy like me who doesn't like interacting with sober people anymore than I have too while tripping.

I still can't stand taste of mushrooms so I mixed it with chocolate pudding to dull the taste. I dosed at 4:00pm, the sun still very high in the sky. I watched golf on T.V for about 30 minutes waiting for the Mush to kick in. When I started to feel the buzz I got my hoodie and left for the door. I took my backpacked filled with stuff I might need like sunglasses, waterbottle, some books, and my walkman.

There is a fairly large park about a 20 minute walk that I when to. I mucked around in the park for the next 2 hours. Many thoughts went trough my head. My good friends. The Season of Fall even though it was Spring. The Wind, KAZE. Rustification of Architectural elements. Japan's idea on simplisty and rustification(rustification just means things getting old with grace). For some reason I thought I better find a rock to show all the above thoughts and looked through the park and nearby alleys for a small rock. I knew the right one would jump out at me and not to rush the search. I kept laughing out loud at myself when a funny thought crossed my mind, then I remembered I was in public and laughing to muself which only made me laugh harder. I did find a rock, it was low and smooth to avoid the wind, I putting it into my pocket after studying it (it's a very trippy little rock). I like to have something in my hands to play with in a trip, else my mind goes into a negitive loop. I don't know why. Having something in hand that is fimilar is a kind of a charm to keep the badtrip at bay when tripping by yourself. The smooth rock was a perfect tool for this, but I can use anything within an arms reach, "From our House to Bahuas" by Tom Wolfe, lighters, my sunglasses. A note to tripping by yourself in the daytime: Roads. You can be so deep in thought and then realize your in the middle of an intersection with people in cars looking rather cross. Please be careful.

In anycase, after I found the rock I noticed the sun was lowering and I went home to have dinner. Rather simple, I had no super intense visuals but that wasn't the point. However, I would definely rate my walk yesterday as one of my better and more fun trips. Mushroom users shouldn't be confined to the dead of night, I really suggest people sezing the day and trying this. I'm going to wake up and watch the sunrise on mushrooms next time. Happy Shrooming. St. Vincent.

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