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My first trip...

Trying to get shrooms for a year and I finally tripped last night!

Finally!  I've experienced shrooms!  I'd say my trip was between a Level 3 and Level 4... craziest night of my life.  Just a quick run-down: I ate an 1/8 of shrooms with slightly golden caps and stems with bluish bruises (I didn't realize until I came to the site that people have been tripping face off of these!!).  If you come across these... BUY THEM! :-)

So originally I was supposed to do them with my friend J- her babysitting, me tripping.  But she called me to say that it wouldn't work out and I would have to wait a couple days.  I decided just to take them and watch Across The Universe in my room.  What a stupid- but ultimately awesome- idea!  About 20 minutes after I ate them I started feeling stoned... so I skipped ahead in the movie to the I Am The Walrus part.  For those of you who haven't seen the film... the characters are on acid at this point so all the light effects are negative and trippy, neon lights and ridiculous shit.  All of a sudden I look at my hands and they're going in slow motion with a trail behind them.  I felt so happy about the things I was experiencing, like a kid at a magic show.  The people in the posters on my walls started to move Harry Potter-style and my walls started to breathe.  I just stopped the movie and looked around my room and at myself... it was amazing!  I checked out my eyes and even looking into the light all I could see was pupils, haha.

You know how if you look really closely at a TV you can see all the specks of red, blue, and yellow that make up the picture?  That's what I was seeing everywhere.  Just prisms of red, blue and yellow that were sooo beautiful.  I decided I couldn't stay in my room anymore since I was talking to myself and I was sounding like a crazy person.  I couldn't even make words to describe what I was feeling, all I could get out was "dude... dude..."  I grabbed the first clothes I could find (jeans, hoodie, flipflops), made up an excuse to my mom and went for a walk.  It took me 20 minutes just to walk down the street because I stopped to sit on a wall and smoke a cig, unraveled the headphones to my iPod, and was having a conversation with myself about how my mom was keeping me down in life.  I got up and started walking again, and after 10 steps realized I had left my purse on the wall!  The traffic lights were gleaming and everytime I looked at them, the red and green seemed  to shine like spotlights and the colors had to have a deeper meaning.  I decided I *needed* to talk to someone so I started calling my friends (this was 11:45 or so, I started tripping at 11:15) and who should call me back but J!  I decided to walk to her house... which is about a mile or so away, with a high bridge to cross and dark wooded areas.  I saw 2 cops on the way there (which was ridiclously scary haha) and the sweatshirt (because I didn't realize it was incredibly muggy out) was stifling me.  By the time I got to J's 40 minutes later I was drenched in sweat but still loving every minute.

She got me a shirt to change into (which felt soooo much better) and we smoked cigs on her porch while I told her what I'd done so far.  I picked up her cat and started to pet it, until J told me that it would start tripping now because the shit goes through your hands.  Her cat went under the front yard tree and started rolling around and slithering like a snake, it was fucking hilarious.  Everything from this point always had a red or green tint to them... besides the colors, it seemed like it was the answer to everything.  Everyone is either red or green, warm colors or cool colors.  Stop, go.  The two colors in cop car lights (because the blue looked green to me).  The front bushes were vibrantly green, while the mulch was incredibly red.  Her tree's leaves with berries were also red and green... but it was tinted like an old black and white photograph that's been colored in.  After a while Jand her brother took me to a shortcut across the railroad tracks that brought me really close to my house.  While they were talking, all I could do was look at the houses on our walk (she lives in a development-type neighborhood).  The houses all looking the same was really really amusing to me.  Finally J and her brother got me to the tracks and told me just to keep heading straight until I hit the main road.  I went from walking through mud and woods and tracks to being on the pavement with the streetlights... I turned around and it was like J and her brother had been swallowed up by the darkness, like another world.  So I made it home (no more cops thankfully) and went right upstairs.  I was exhausted physically and wanted to go to sleep even though I knew the shrooms wouldn't let me rest until they were good and ready.  My walls wouldn't stop moving and I kept having these crazy, disoriented thoughts about myself and the world.  Whenever I tried to close my eyes, it felt as though they were still open.  I kept thinking I was becoming a different person... so I thought that I had to keep watching and listening to things I liked before I took shrooms... to keep myself from morphing into someone different.  I thought I was losing my mind.

I stopped trying to force myself asleep because I knew it was obviously giving me a bad trip, so I watched The Office on my computer until my brain quieted down and just passed the fuck out around 5:30am.  At 7:30 I called into work and then slept like the dead until 2, took a shower... and here I am.

I definately underestimated shrooms... I'd love to do them again, but with my friends outside somewhere where we don't have to walk or worry about anything haha.  Happy tripping!

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