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Sonsyfools Can Trip

Tripped out drug binge.

This all occurred from one small idea that escalated into a deviously grand scheme. My best mate (who will be called SF) suggested out of the blue that we go camping at my farm which is out in the middle of nowhere. So we formulated a plan that in the holidays we go out there. Immediately I suggest that we would need an ounce of weed. Knowing that our parents wouldn't trust just the two of us out there we got my older brother (Who will will call Sensei) and a mate from school (Callin CD) in on some of the action. With the ok from all the parents we managed to get about $150 of food and some drugs.
When we got their we pooled all our shit together. We had between the 4 of us - A real fat ounce of bush, 1 tab of acid, 1 pill, 2 bottles of some drink and what i thought at the time was another pill (I later found out it was speed - I had never done it before so I had no clue). After my dad had set the house up he left and as soon as he did we let the frenzy commence.
Sensei and I took half of the tab each and then we all moved on to the weed. SF took the first hit and was pretty proud of himself for pulling it in one go. CD was up next and he took ages (but I realise now that it must have been some kind of endurance tactic). While we were all smoking up SF went and got his ipod speakers and we put on some chilled tunes.
After about 40 mins and 10 or so cones later I was feeling it and getting pretty excited. Sensei had the look that he was pretty fucking chilled aswell. CD and SF looked fucking stoned as well. Slumped in their chairs, eyes red as fucking ever - I just fucking pissed myself laughing. Everything was fucking awesome like this, we could do whatever we wanted AND we had 4 days to do it. Sensei went off and got our shitty alcohol - i dont remember what it was but either way it was fucking foul. I had about 2 half cups straight away and it was nasty. We all thought it was except SF who didnt mind it.
After even more cones I was absolutely tripping balls. SF looked like one of those olden day toy soldier rag doll things. A real old fashioned toy you know. His head seemed really round and shiny and his flanellet made him look all the more raggity. CD was real trippy too. I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye and he seemed more shifty than anything. I had never tripped with him before and his style of smoking and drug taking was real different from SF and Sensei's and mine but either way he was quite the character. To me it looked like he was just a torso pertruding from the chair and he was half man, half chair. His face got really pointy and started stretching and I kept having to look at him to make sure he wasn't doing anything too crazy. Sensei on the other hand looked like a really profound figure. He kept on looking in different directions with a piloshopic look to him which made me really interested in everything he said. It was weird because I knew he was my brother but it felt like he was some random drifter that had all the answers to life. 

So I tripped out on the other three for awhile but it got dark really quickly (about 5:45pm) so we decided to light the massive bonfire. It all got very fucked from there. I KNOW that we collected some wood and shit to start the fire but I don't actually remember doing any of that stuff! After that hazy moment (who knows how long it lasted) I snapped out of it and the bonfire was roaring. It was a fucking well made fire. We were standing close to the house and Sensei had the pill and speed. CD and SF weren't keen for the Speed because Sensei told them that it was "Pure Ecstacy". CD didn't want either so SF did the pill while me and Sensei were so fucked and keen we had half of the speed between us. It was really tangy and I remember saying something like "What the fuck was that all about?" 
After taking that I had another kind of blank and all i can remember was asking CD something and he had no face which was really fucking confusing. All of a sudden we were up at teh house just having a frenzy on the food we had. In about 20 minutes we had eaten all of our snack food and alot of our soft drink. After realising we had to cook whatever food we wanted from that point on kind of pissed me off because I had the munchies real bad and was in no state to do any cooking. 

We had been doing cones throughout the whole night and we had all had about 25 or so each plus about 7 joints between us. We were completely off our faces. We were sitting on the verandah just talkign and shit then CD had to crash so he was out for the night which out the mood. So SF, Sensei and I were were sitting there talking and kind of coming down but what happened next kicked us right back into our peak. 

It had been dark for ages and we had done heaps of shit and it felt like it was midnight but when Sensei asked SF what time it was he completely flipped out. It was only 8:15 pm. As soon as SF said the time Sensei and I completely fucking flipped out - we just could not believe it. We jumped up and ran around the house. Sensei ran off who knws where, I dont know what happened to SF and I ran off yelling "WE ARE FUCKING DOOOMED!!!!!"
Somehow we regrouped back on the verandah and it was as if nothign happened. We were back exactly where we were and I was sitting there tripping out wondering if that actually happened. We sat there for awhile and then all of a sudden Sensei "oh fucking hell" gets up and runs off so SF and I are like "The fuck?" so we chase after him not even knowing anything was up. Turns out it was raining and we had to get the generator under the house. The three went back on the verandah, ended up having about 30 cones each that night, tripped for a few more hours then went to sleep.

The next day I was still kind of feeling it. I continued to trip on SF only because we had smoked cones that morning and he was dancing and doing really weird shit. It was the best listening to the Doors because everytime a new song would finish we all panicked and looked at eachother until a new song would come on and we all started laughing. During "Riders on the Storm" during the start when the piano and rain and all that nonsense at the start plays I tripped out when SF looked up at the roof, put his hand in the air and twinkled his fingers when the light piano starts playing. I thought the sound had come from his fingers.

From there I felt alot more normal and was pissed off cause I had to actually cook food for the rest of the 3 days. At the end of it we had about a stick left of weed left which I let CD have because I felt so guilty after that drug binge.
Well thats my trip report and it was fun as hell. SF is writing the trip from his perspective so be sure to read it to.
From the same Sonsyfool who brought you his Fantastic Acid Trip, catcha later

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