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Fantastic Acid Trip

1 room, 2 people + acid + 1 bad idea = Best Thing Ever

Just some info: (I'm 16 and my brother is 18 and this all occurred at about 9:30p.m. on a school night so keep that in mind)

So here I am one night in my room doing some hardcore study for my chemistry assigment when my brother walks in, stoned and tripped off his face. After talking for awhile he tells me that he has 5 tabs of acid in the freezer and he has been tripping all day off some he took earlier in the morning. Now being the reasonable clear thinking guy I am I think "well, not everyday that you can get tabs from where I'm from" So I packed my school shit up and my brother reluctantly gave me half a tab and left the room.

About an hour later my brother returned and I wasn't feeling it at all so I was pretty pissed off and disappointed but I managed to talk him into giving me another whole tab. About 20 minutes after taking the full one, the half one I took earlier took effect. At this point I was playing a computer game and my brother was on my bed watching. It all became really different, the game I was playing was really confusing me and I was feeling slightly disgusted with it for some reason and I could feel my face pulling heaps of different expressions but couldn't really control it. My brother (who at this point had taken another tab himself) was laughign at me so I stopped playing for awhile and let him have a go. Things started getting really confusing and I was in a state of mind of being really calm but also thinking about all the shit that could go wrong and before I knew it I was standing up and felt like running somewhere cause I knew when the second tab hit me I was going to trip way too hard. For awhile I kept telling my brother that I wasn't looking forward to the next big hit I was surely going to feel but eventually I calmed down because we kept laughing about how fucked we were going to be very shortly.

I immediately could tell when the second tab hit me cause I got the best visuals I've ever had. My brother divised a music system that wasn't too loud that it would wake my parents but was loud enough for us both to enjoy. He put my ipod earphones into a cup to make it louder which may not even have worked but it sounded loud as hell to me. Looking around the room I could see the curtains getting bigger and smaller and colours were everywhere and it all was very "juicy" as I described it. My brother and I were tripping very hard now and we couldn't tell if we were being loud or quiet but either way we werent being very discrete and unfortunately my sisters room is right next to mine. My brother and I were having too good a time to give a shit about what happened next.

Just as we were laughing our heads off thinking about old people my sister (20) walks in and starts talking to us. Me and my brother must have looked so suspect cause we both boiwed our heads and didnt look her in the eyes and barely talked to her. After she left we talked about how bad she killed the mood and we started laughing about it. But things got worse cause about 15 minutes later mum walked in the room "Why are you still up? It's 2a.m. - you have school tomorrow" so real my brother went back to his room and thankfully mum left aswell. This is when my visuals got intense.

After mum left I turned all lights off and waited awhile for her to go to bed. I can remember just seeing in front of me all this speeding colours going past me and different patterns moving and although there was no light in my room it all went yellow and everythign seemed really fast. Closing my eyes didn't help either, I just saw all sorts of weird helix things. I went to the toilet and it was really bizarre. The tiles on the ground looked like they were moving like a water bed and the walls were slithering. The toilet was really odd because it looked like a cartoon snail so I observed it for awhile before going back to my room. 

Knowing I wasn't going to get any sleep. I listened to my ipod and sat in the dark in my room. Music all seemed so significant and meaningful. I put on just about every song I knew would be an audio orgasm. Pink Floyd, The Doors, MGMT, Beatles, Santana, Aphex Twin. And heaps of other shit. The best song to listen to that night was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles. While listening to it I thought I was under water but but it was ok because I could breathe normally. After a refreshing "swim" I got my phone and ipod lights and scoured my room. I had the music from my earphones blasting straight into my head while I looked at literally everything. My room fascinated me I couldn't stop laughing at all the shit I had. But the best things I enjoyed tripping out on was a painting my friend gave me for my birthday, my walls and my mirror. 

The Painting: This painting my friend made was dileberately created to trip out on. It resembles some kind of interrogation, the creatures in it are completely bizarre. One is tied up and hanging from the roof but his face is completely nuetral while the other one is there looking like a blue toad as he throws darts at the one tied up. In the corner is a giant flower that looks very angry about the whole situation. All this scene is on a rainbow background with vines covering the outside. Needless to say I was very excited to be looking at it. The vines were moving, the sinister creatures faces were change and so was their skin. and the flower just got angrier and angrier.
The Walls: I've always, always hated my walls. They are very childish. They go around my whole room and they have pocka-dots all over them. Looks like the kind of walls you would find in kindergarden. But during this trip they were the most satisfying things to view. Thousands of dots just moved and buzzed around my room, they darted from place to place and moved in long lines following eachother. When I tried focusing on them they would change from circles to hexagons, to diamonds and watched them for ages.
The Mirror: I could have looked in it all night I swear (Yes, I'm vain). My face constantly morphed. My undeveloped facial hair which sprouts black hairs in all sorts of patches grew really long and I had whiskers like a cat. I pulled a really angry face really quickly and I looked like an orc or ogre thing from WOW. I had the best time with this. But I had to get away from it after my face morphed into my dads. That kind of freaked me out.

For the rest of the night, I got no sleep whatsoever. I ended up watching Mighty Boosh and Harvey Birdman after I did some dancing and more random shit. When my dad came in to wake me up I was pretending to be asleep and he bought it so I thought so far so good. I had a shower which felt awesome. I went out into the main part of the house where my mum and dad were and I don't know how or why but they didn't suspect a thing. I was reading the newpaper and shaking because I was that nervous but I lucky wasn't caught. After what seemed like 2 hours (it was only 30 mins) my dad was driving me to school. The outside world was so different to my room, it all seemed so fresh and unusual ("Juicy" even). In the car I was trying not to laugh because everything had a cartoon feel about it and dad was in the corner of my eye and he looked like a Bobble Head.

At school I was tripping but not as bad so I was pretty much fine. All that happened was girls seemed alot hotter than they were and I felt sick because someone put me into a bad state of mind. I was sitting in chemistry and all of a sudden I snapped back into reality and could think clear again.

Well that story turned out longer than I intended. But all in all, I had the best time of my life, it was really insightful. I'll hopefully get a chance to do it again.


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