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A Tale Of Boxes

The previous week, while making a lame attempt to score some bud for 4/20, I stumbled across some mushrooms.

The previous week, while making a lame attempt to score some bud for 4/20, I stumbled across some mushrooms. With no better idea, I bought them. 4 grams in total. And they were supposed to be crazy-potent. So I brought them home and split them into two piles, using the whole 'this-looks-pretty-even' method.

So the day came. My friend Cedrick and I dropped. It was just like the last time, dumping them into caesar salad... munching them down...

I had perfect music going: King Konqueror to begin with, then Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon", then moving onto Echoes. I sat down in front of the Nintendo (the original) and played Kirby's Adventure. By the time Dark Side started, I felt very frustrated with the game: I didn't understand it. And I was kinda shaky. I looked at Cedrick "You feel'n anything", I asked. "Yeah... lookit the wall..." My bedroom walls are loaded with photographs... and arranged in the perfect order, almost realistic. They melted and began dancing to the music. This was about 45 minutes after the initial ingestion.

I broke out a couple of glostix. And, for an odd reason, was afraid of them. I held mine, clutching it so hard I thought that maybe it would explode, and closed my eyes. A web of green and cyan and red lines grooved throughout my field of vision. "George... you okay", Cedrick asked. "Yeah... just fine... let's write notes..."

Cedrick: This is craziness. Is nuts, 'n great. Yup. I still hafta go to Steve's too. Today's nuts. And writing's a trip.

George: The walls are breathing. And melting at the same time. And I got to see the red and blue and green lines perform a dance and I'm shaking. Or at least I think so. I don't know it I'm excited or scared. The page has a pattern. Look.

Cedrick: Uh huh. I've no idea what to put. Nyuh. This is great tho'. And your wall is the trippiest thing. Is happy. Yeh. Words is crawlin onna page. I wantsa draw I think.

"Let's go outside", I said, remembering Max's advice. "Now?" "Yes. Now." So, after very little hassle, we got our shoes on, jackets on, said bye to my clueless mom, and left. "Let's go to the park".

On the way up the street, I began shivering. Badly. With chattering teeth and everything. Cedrick told me that I was nuts: "It's freak'n beautiful out", which I responded with "You think winter's nice". We heard birds singing, but couldn't see them. "There you are!" Cedrick said, looking up at the world's coolest tree. The bird did exist.

At the playground, which was hard to walk to, we swang on the swings. I looked at the sand. "It's not even... and it's moving in waves". When it became boring, we went up the hill to the Martello Tower, lit up by the sunset like a video game. Cedrick seemed to sense what I was thinking and pointed it out. It took awhile (so it seemed) to make it up the winding path... cos we had to keep stopping to look at the clouds... or the tower... or the grass... or to touch things.

Up top, it was noted that the city was ridiculous... all lit up: "It's only made to look at... that's what really matters". The clouds, orange and blue, moved, blended together. When night set in, we decided that it would be best to leave. There was a group of Honorary Homeboys in the kiosk to the side of the parking lot. We looked at them. But didn't say anything. Just kept going.

Somehow the discussion came up that everyone lived in boxes. And that the boxes weren't nessassary. They did NOT need to be there... staying inside whilst a fantastic world existed. We pointed out several. "They don't care about each other", I said, "Only about their boxes. And money. That has NO purpose." We got to another park, one right by the ocean. Ironically called Seaside Park. We stumbled across the grass, our friend, to the edge of the cliff. "We need to be out there", I told. "Yeah... but the only way we can get out is by using fake things... like boats. Lookit that monstrosity... all lit up like that. It has no right being out there". "Yeah... Let's go".

We decided to go to Cedrick's box so that he could call Steve. And, on the way, decided that that wasn't the *best* idea that we could ever have, so shortcutted though a cemetary ("T'is not a cemetary... but a graveyard. A tary full of cemes I think not, but indeed a yard of graves"), to where middle-school aged children were playing street hockey in the dark. Earlier, through a window, we watched hockey on a TV, and it was indeed Canadian, but also ridiculous, like the Greek gladiators who just beat each other with sticks. I asked the kids what they thought of all this. "All what?" one questioned. "The boxes...", I replied. Then Cedrick tried to explain the concept of the boxes and hockey to them. They looked at us like we were crazy. And maybe we were. I wondered if I'd ever be normal again. Cedrick assured me that I would.

So... Chas wasn't home. I looked at my watch, like I had been all night. "My mom's gone to get my sister... we'll go to my box". And we did. On the way, I felt the urge to talk to someone, to enlighten them, but couldn't think of anyone who would understand. "Look at this. It's alive". I said of a plant. "And it knows it. But... it's lucky... because it doesn't have to be inside, but out."

I explained how we never think of our shoulders. And, since they do so much for us, we should thank them. "What're you talking about..." Cedrick questioned. I thought I'd made myself pretty clear. "You know what I mean!" I retorted. "Oh... I guess I do... the only time we think about them... is when they hurt... thanx!".

Back at my house, we made a big deal cos the door was locked. "Just so that no one cal steal your stuff!". I had the magic key and opened the door. Steve's line was busy. So I called Katie. She seemed to be mocking me and I wasn't comfortable with talking to her. So I told her that I had to go. "Let's go back outside... that's where we belong", Cedrick said to me. We walked to the end of the street, decided that it was really cold, and went back in to try Steve again. Suddenly, Cedrick got up, like he'd seen something. Steve was at my door! "How'd you know where I live" I asked. "I'm God. I know everything". Then, like a nightmare, my mom came home. Fortunately, she didn't make a big deal out of Steve's being there (she doesn't know him), and went inside.

I sat by myself for a few minutes pondering how I was gonna get inside and avoid my mom long enough to get in the shower without her seeing my dilated pupils. My trip began to turn very negative. It was all over for me. Cedrick, reading my mind again, said that it was kinda a suicidal thing, nothing matters anymore. I felt horribly uncomfortable and swore that I'd never do it again. Awful thoughts crept into my mind about telling her that I'd taken a drug... or her guessing... but finally, I decided to just go in. It couldn't be that bad. And it wasn't. She was in the bathroom, so I got my stuff, turned out the light, and, after a very short conversation, got to be alone. Cedrick had left with Steve.

Later, I watched TV and wrote about the above, but with much less detail.

(Post notes): This morning I woke up with a horrible headache. When I got up, mom said nothing to me about the previous night. The whole time, I kept expecting Cedrick to stay calm and laugh me off, as we do when we're high. But he didn't. Instead, we bonded with knowing what the other was thinking. And, looking back, it wasn't that bad at all. And I have no intentions of keeping my promise to not drop again.

And as an added note: triptoys are quite senseless. I had all kindsa stuff like pop rocks and glowsticks and 3D picture books... and had NO desire to use them. I just wanted to talk. If I stopped talking, I'd feel sick. Before I went to bed, I looked at the collection of stuff and saw it all as pointless. Just go outside if you wanna have a good time.

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