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my latest trip

dont be afraid to laugh

for my third trip, i bought an 8th of cubies that were very good.  I wanted to trip in the morning cause my parents are at work all day and one of my bros is cool with drugs(finally) and the other is too young to know what shrooms are and what they do.  So, morning came and i crushed up the shrooms to the best of my ability.  I took one pinch and put it in my mouth and imedietly gagged on it, so i grabbed a bottle of water and poured in some crystal light to wash it down.  I also tried eating them with peanut butter but that was disgusting too. (not a fan a plain peanut butter) after consuming the bag, i grabbed my pipe, bag o' weed, and my fishing pole and headed to the river.  after fishing for a while and catching only a small northern, i felt the usual stomache pains, so went to this fort i built out of huge branches, and packed a phatty bowl.  after smoking the nausea went away for a while so i went for a walk down the train tracks.  as im walking the tracks i can start to feel the shrooms kick in and then all of a sudden a deer jumps out of the woods and stares at me and i stare back.  after what seemed like a half hour the deer ran across the tracks and back into the woods.  Realizing there isnt much else to do in this area i head back home.  When i plop down on the couch i felt this strong urge to through up so i go into the kitchen and lean over the sink.  after a few dry heaves i begin to feel better and at that instant all the water droplet in the sink start swirling around and moving up the sides.  Thats when i peaked and saw vibrant and brilliant colors throughout the house.  Wood grain was flowing like water across tables and up and down doors.  music sounded orgasmic and amazing.
after focusing on the distortions (not really hallucinations) i played some halo 3 online.  After walking, smoking, and listening to music and nature, video games are one of my favorite thing to do on shrooms.  As im playing all the colors are changing and walls are breathing and the only thing i could do was move around and find the other team. couldnt realy shoot at them cause i couldnt tell if they were red, blue, white, or green.  as i play halo tho, i get transfixed into the game and i think im in it.  While playing my brothers were saying some fucked up shit and doing some weird stuff that made me laugh my ass off(in my head)  I couldnt laugh out loud cause i was afraid they would know i was fucked up.  thats the most horible experience ive had on mushrooms, not being able to laugh.  after an hour of this i listened to music for the rest of the trip with my eyes closed away from my brothers.  I love doing this as the shapes and patterns floating in my eyelids move and morph to the rythm of the music and i could burst out laughing at any moment. 

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