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first trip

bad setting, good time

my first trip started when i was 15 and my friend sold me a 1/16 oz of some very good shrooms.  He told me that people were tripping ballz with only a gram the night before.  So i go to his house, pick up the shrooms, smoke him up, and go back home.  That night i got my portable DVD player, ipod, and a drawing book to keep me busy.  At first i tried eating them straight buy pulverizing with my front teeth, to keep from getting chunks stuck in my back teeth, and sucked the juices out of the shrooms as my friend told me this is how he did it.  I gagged pretty bad doing this so i went to the kitchen and got a glass of pinapple juice to was the rest of the bag down.  After finishing the teenth i put in "Over the Hedge" and watched in amazement as the charaters looked like they were on different layers in the screen, almost like they were made out of paper.  After the movie i listened to my ipod and drew some pics of shrooms, elves, pot leaves, and random shapes which all moved wildly across the paper to the music.  When i got tired of that i just had to sneek out and walk through the town, but before this, i had to take a piss.  In the bathroom the tiles on the floor were shifting, the countertop was swirling, and i couldnt stop lauphing at my own face in the mirror.  While walkin outside i decided to head to the river buy my house.  the only problem with this is that there is a train bridge right over the river and train come fairly often.  anyway, at the river i was listening to the flowing water and all the other sounds of nature.  About ten minutes later a fuckin train comes blairing down the tracks without blowing its horn until it gets directly over me.  that muthafucka scared the shit out of me, so i decide not to stand there anymore and head downtown.  While walking down the side walk, all the trees and housed looked massive.  I meen fifty feet tall and all seemed to stare at me as i passed.  also, the street lights on my road arent to good and i was walking under one when it started flashing, but when i saw the flashing light on the ground in front of me it looked green, purple, and gold, so naturally i thought i was being abducted.  when i realized it was the light flickering i geeked out in the middle of someone yard for a good 20 min. until someone yelled at me.  So, as i get downtown i met up with my friend mike and we wanted to go into blockbuster and just browse around.  Well, as were looking at some movies, mike says, olympia ducockus, i have to see it now, and i fuckin flipped out laphing because of the name.  i stood, crouched, in the isle laphing and knocking movies of shelves.  after that i went back home, snuck up the stairs and layed in my bed with eyes closed, watching colorful shapes and lines morph into object and people/animals till i fell asleep. 

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