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Things That Will Change Reality

It's crazy, man...

One day, I get real fucking high on some good weed, and I go to the dentist to get my wisdom teeth pulled. No shit. I'm pretty damn experienced with weed, and I knew I'd be be getting laughing gas... So why the fuck not? I brought an IPod for the waiting room and got in the room, then got through the assistant's questions pretty well. So they gave me the gas. As a lod, it never worked on me...But it did something this time. They gave me the shots for numbness, which I didn't feel, and they left. So I'm in a room alone with laughing gas, and I'm stoned... I put my earphones in and start inhaling this shit like I'm suffocating, but I couldn't think of a song, so I just go to "Roll Another Joint" and chill for a while... I started going numb, but I didn't realize it, and I figured out the laughing gas works by making me dwell less on what's happening, hence no pain. I began to wonder how I came up with that, and tryed to say dwell with numb lips a few times, which was an adventure. I began planning on talking to my dentist. Soon, the assistant walked by and asked "Are you feeling pretty numb?" My reply was "Yes, but I'm quite comfortable." This lead to the most intese trip ever. I turned on "Comfortable Numb", and started chilling. It then hit me that I was at the dentist, and I started to panic.

Then I convinced myself I won't feel a thing, and calmed down. The dentist walked in, and started working. He didn't say anything because I was jamming, but I took one ear out and started talking to him... And he said something to the effect of "So you seem calmer than you used to be..." and I replied with an "I suppose I am..." or something, and he said "It'll give you a happier life."

At this point my mind split into two planes of reality. Part of my mind was thinking about being an adult and how advice shapes lives, and that it is the little things that make a difference, but I realized this on such a level that there was not a doubt in my mind. The other part was a kid, hearing the advice and giving little thought, and the two collided when he began drilling, and I had a very uncomfortable feeling that was comparable to being unable to decide in your mind, but I could feel it all over my body. I then thought that advice was a living, breathing thing, and that it affects you depending on how much your living mind accepted it... It was fucking crazy. Then he drilled my other tooth, and I came back to reality, because it hurt like fuck. Thinking back on that now, I'd rather live my own life and think about it as a kid.

Another experience I have had with realities is while being on Salvia. A legal drug, I only took 2 or 3 hits... Maybe 4. . I was still smoking after it hit me, so I don't have a fucking clue. I had also smoked quite a bit of that same fucking awesome weed.. I was with three friends, my drummer and one of my best friends, "S", and our fucking hot twin friends, "Kt" and "Kr". We all hit this weed and Salvia together, and as soon as we stopped smoking, S asked if I could go...

1. Turn the lights off.
2. Turn the blacklight on.
3. Turn the strobe light on.
4. Turn the lava lamp on.
5. Come sit down.
6. Hurry, before it hits you too hard.

I saw the list in my head when it hit me, I remember that, and I turned the lights off, got the blacklight on, and struggled with the strobe light, managed to get it on, and then I  teleported (or so I thought) to the door. I was holding the doorknob for dear life, and I was scared. On the exact opposite side of the room, my friends were laughing at me. Somehow, my mind convinced me that they were not real, and that I was on a different plane of reality. I began slowly falling down, and then suddenly I recalled the first time I did Salvia. S and I were alone in his parked car, and I did a few hits off a bong. I found myself falling, and I allowed myself to continue. Everything turned a dull yellow, and to this day I describe Salvia as a yellow experience. After I had fallen a bit, the house in front of us began falling, and it was in a slab. I looked around and realized I was in a slab as well. I have come to call these "Slabs of Reality". More slabs began falling at me, and I let it go, trying to chill. In a little while, my viewpoint flew off far to the right, where there was a big black void-type thing, and I saw a guy that looked just like S in a business suit with a huge sword thing cutting the layers. It came back to me, and then I flew into my mind. I found myself in a yellow room, and there where some little yellow things that needed to do something (I can't remember, but it was crazy) and I had to help... After what seemed like a few hours, I thought about what was happening. I needed to come out. I started freaking out, and it hurt very bad to come out, but I needed to know if we were safe and shit, so I fought it. I come back to find out 10 minutes had passed, and to have him tell me that I was laughing incredibly loud, and that I didn't sound like me at all. I apologized and promised I'd keep control of that next time.

Back to the doorknob, I started saying to myself again and again "This is real, those are your friends, they are real, you are real. This is reality." I regained control of myself and reverted to list mode and turned the lava lamp on, and went back and collapsed on the couch with them. S said "Are you okay, dude?" My reply... "Holy shit.                                     Yeah."   Kt and Kr continued laughing, and  I ended up crawling under one of their legs with the other one, and I swear I was going through a tunnel, she agrees to this day, and we went over to the other couch. We sat looking into the area of the room being hit by the strobe light and it looked like on old movie, and I realised the movie was about Shann's dog, Sandy, and then the smoke from incense mesmerized me for about 15 minutes, and then her boobs mesmerized me until they had to leave.

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