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1st trip - scary!

but it was fun! Too add, if you have never tripped, it tells more about the hullcinations i have seen!

Saturday July 26 2008

Ingestation time T-1:53am
Species - 1 extra large Ecuador and 1 medium Mexi - Albino
Food ingestation through out the day - none

It begins downstairs in the house i live in with my girlfriend and a good friend and I.  I wanted to start off with a good trip so I wanted to play halo in campign mode. I was already kind of depressed this night but I didnt let it get to me just because I wanted to have a good time. I have eaten all of my goods already but a large Ecuador stem.  I put it in my mouth n let it sit under my tongue for about five minutes.  Then I let the beautiful taste take me away while I slide it down my throat.  Mushrooms taste beautiful by the way!  I never understood why people always flip out about the taste. 

T - 2:35am 

I begin to notice my vision become sharper.  I have thought about this and i think everything gets brighter because of the pupil dialation.  The game looks a tad more colorful, not by much at all being as it was already kind of dark in the room.

T - 3:23am

We both got bored of Halo and quit.  I call my girlfriend down too have a cigarette.  We go outside.  Might I add, my girlfriend took one medium mushroom and my friend took 3 large mushrooms as well.  I begin to notice some more vivid colors outside.  Everything looks beautiful and peaceful.  Not too much of any changes at all at this point.  Just some color brightening. We step by into the house and head upstairs too my room to lay down.  I was getting dissapointed so I decided to make my way to bed so I laid down. 

T - 4:02am

I awaken from my eye rest.  Although I never fell asleep.  I grab my pack of cigarettes and light one up.  My girl friend and friend are downstairs cooking a pizza and are finding pillows and blankets.  I begin to notice strange feelings in my brain.  I can definately feel them.  I'm going to describe it in a metaphor so bare with me.  Basically it felt like somebody resting their finger gently on my brain.  Just like something touching it but softly.  I knew then that i was beginning to trip.  This startled me because I have never tripped before and I had no idea what to expect.  I knew that those feelings were my brain patterns changing, it made me think of my brain actually starting to use parts that it has never use before.  I finish the cigarette and hear my friend downstairs.  I'm looking down the hall while laying on the floor.  I begin to look around and scan things.  I notice the door molding start to bend a bit, kind of wider in a way.  I look at the door and it begins to breath just like a normal human being.  Inhale towards me and exhale away from me.  I see my friend come back up and my girl friend behind him.  I lay back down and close my eyes for a bit.

T - 4:16am

While im laying there thinking about what tripping is actually like, I begin to notice the colorful patterns swirling around before my eyelids.  Its amazing just thinking back to it because it was so bright compaired to the next normal day after.  Basically, the best way I can decribe this is if you take you fingers and press on your closed eyes for about 30 seconds, you begin to see paterns and whatnot.  It's pretty amazing.  I open my eyes and sit up now.  I always heard to look in a mirror while tripping so I did just that.  I have a mirror right in my room! How reluctant lol.  I kneel up and look directly at my eyes.  My pupils are huge.  I stared for a few seconds, didn't see anything unusual.  I lay back down and close my eyes.  Might I add now that my friend has taken 8 medium sized mushrooms at this point.  Hes in his own universe now just laying on the couch.

T - 4:37am

I open my eyes while still laying down.  I was a bit disappointed now.  I hear both of the two friends talking above me on the couch.  My girl friend turns up the light alittle.  Its a dimmer switch to be exact.  I look up and she sits down.  Too add, my walls are painted with a yellowish, goldish tint base color with a very shinny metallic gold smudged over the whole room but the white ceiling.  While i stare at the dim light and the patterns of light above it on the ceiling.  The reflection on the ceiling begins to change to green and then slowly to yellow and then to red.  The color of the light is origionally yellow.  I can decribe this only one way..  If anybody has ever seen christmas lights or one of those fiber-optic things with the colors of the light at the tip of the clear strand that slowly change colors.  I have no clue if you guys know what that is but I do, thats basically how the light patterns on the ceiling were changing colors.  This frightened me alot though because I knew I had begun tripping now so I shut my eyes quickly for a few seconds.  I open them again and then I suddenly notice a weird dream-like feeling come over my feelings to the enviornment around me.  I become even more frightened.  I shut my eyes again for a few seconds and open again.  I look at a smudged pattern above my closet.  The pattern was relatively small.  I said to myself in my mind "look, I see a bird!"  Then I look over to my right at more hand smudged patterns and they all seemed 3 dimentional, popping out of the wall.  They seemed to be reaching for me!  They seemed to stand out of the wall alot, and they seemed to look more darker than they origionally are.  This frightened me the most, and flipped over and closed my eyes right after that.  My heart was racing and my thoughts were flowing fast.  I began to think of how the dreams basically become reality while tripping.  I thought of a level five trip of how you slowly start tripping and barley notice it.  This is what freaked me out the most. Thats what I hate most about drugs because things start to change without noticing them.  Basically, i can explain this kind of like your in a dream and you can never figure out that your in a dream until you wake up.  Thats what I find worst about drugs like that for some reason.  I open my eyes again to the same wall and the room felt huge!  But also small and enclosed like a small cage without doors or anything.  Just a small room with no opening at all.  I got up and went outside.  I felt better, I felt great again.  The fear was gone, all of it, not a trace to be found now.  I relaxed out there for alittle bit

T - 5:02am

It's funny how I was out there for about 20 minutes and barley seen anything.. The most I seen when I was out there was a small bright dot flash in a few place of my vision.  Kind of like how you look at a light too long and it burns into your vision for alittle bit.  But this was that pattern but just a flash of it real quick and small.  I head back up to my room to try and sleep once again.  Right after I lay down, the fear comes back stronger than ever once again.  I close my eyes to avoid seeing anything to scare me again.  I just wanted to sleep so bad..

Kratom ingestation time T - 5:13am
Amount of Kratom - 4 teaspoons

I wanted to sleep now!  I mixed the kratom with some gatorade and chugged it fast.  I also wanted to take it so maybe it could possibly reverse the feelings of my trip into happyness.  I laid back down on my stomach.  I closed my eyes.

T - 5:20am

My stomach began to feel really weird.  I'm still laying on my stomach and it begins to feel like a mix of digesting and melting into the wood floor.  This weird sensation I really can't explain all that well.  The best I can think of that is alittle close too it is right before you fall asleep, you get very comfy with the position your in.  You begin to feel like your one with the object your on and soon fall asleep.  It was very odd.  After that I laid there and thought of my pillow with medium sized spikes on it and it began to hurt my face so i moved my head to the floor.  After about 5 minutes, I fell half asleep while still hearing my friend and girl friend talk to eachother.

T- 5:36am

I awake and had a few weird dreams.  I was half asleep the whole time.  Kind of like a meditation stage.  I recall dreaming somehow about two things at once.  It seemed to me like I was dreaming one thing in one eye and another in the other eye.  I was dreaming in my right eye that I was driving my car and my other one, a bunch of colors and patterns were swirling around.  If not my eyes it felt like dreaming it, it could have been both of the sides of my brain dreaming at the same time.  I can't really recall with it felt like more.  Its kind of difficult to explain but thats pretty close too it.  I begin to fall asleep once again to both of their voices. 

T-  5:42am

The kratom has kicked in, it has help my emotions alot.  I open my eyes and look up at the light again.  It began to change colors once again.  I could barely keep my eyes open at this point because I was so tired.  Thank the lord that the kratom has worked on my fear.  I felt so much better.  I fell into a slumber once again.  Then I awoken the next day.

To conclude this trip, im going to make it short because usually these endings are boring.  It wasnt really a bad trip I would say.  Just semi scary.  I have felt alot worse fear in my life time once before so it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.  I think the next time though, right before I trip, I will take kratom then and I will not go into my room at all.  I'm positive it was my room that gave me the fear.  I hope this helps those people who have never tripped before.  I definatly do not regret doing it though, it has tought me alot about the mushroom!  I have a lot of respect for it!  It was terrifiying but also so cool!  I tried to make this the best I could!! Happy tripping guys and I hope you enjoyed this report!!

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