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20g of mimosa is a crazy thang

crazy horrible trip.

So anyways here how it goes i dunno how much but if i had to guess around 19-24g of mimosa anyways here is how i prepared it... i put about 20-25g boil it boil it to down to 1/6 of a cup, then i swallow the gel caps full of syrian rue then, when im done swallow the mimosa using the gel caps about 15-25 is needed for 1/4 of a cup anyways.... i swallow the liquid and begin the feel the onset about 5 min afterwards..... i remember hoping to have an intense trip.. anyways about 30-45 min later i start to feel the come up and start to feel a lil sick... pretty much mild nausea and an upset tummy... think cough medicine and you've got an exact idea, and infact im not sure if it's the sickness, but i thought it felt a lil like cough medicine like maybe 80% salvia 20 % cough medicine3... so anyways as the come up starts i get to feel this sort of messed up distantance feeling, and music began to sound a lil different, and colors became much more vibrant. so anyways its been 1hr-90 minutes and im wondering if im gonna really trip, so about 20 min after this i start to feel the effects pretty well... and all of a sudden i couldn't stop laughing and went outside just pacing arond laughing and this guy i think was starring at me thinking i was acting funny, so anyways about 20 min later i realized i might be in for a pretty crazy trip, i was planning on watching the simpsons but i was starting to have a bad trip and when i watched the simpsons this made it feel worse. so anyways i brought some bars out incase i did, however... this would prove to be more difficult then imagined cuz then i soon forgot where the bars were, now at this point im pretty paranoid and really scared, and i remembered i had a bunch more in my dresser, however because i was so fucked up i couldnu't remember exactly how to find them, so i chose to rest on my bed and try to hug my pillow, cuz i was scared and thought this would help which didn't help at all.... anyways from this point it was like being on a roller coaster of emotions... it was like my cognitive was the same so i could be just as nervous for just as long and this would go way up... then i would think a good thing and that would go away... so here is the best part of the trip, i decide to go to kitchen, and being really tried and relaxed and really fucked up, i lied on the kitchen floor, looking at crazy fucking kliedoscope patterns and just making noises like GAHHHHHHH WHHHHAAAAAAA, cuz these felt nice to make and were very stimulating i felt like i was autistic or something, i was also banging my head against the wall, which gave me a headache for the rest of the trip, i didn't care cuz i was tripping REALLY hard and having a great time... i would get so involved in the visuals that i would sort of fall half asleep in them and become one with patterns and sort of fly into them, anyways i thought at this point this trip can't get any stronger... well... i was DEAD wrong, it did.. and this where i started to get bad though it wasn't cuz i was scared about how hard i would trip... so anyways now im having these horrible visions of me doing bad things to people, and bad visions i mean the most horrifying, vivid ones u could imagine it was almost like hallunicinations becuz they almost felt like they were real... it began to feel like my life was flashing b4 my eyes except it wasn't... if u've tripped this hard b4 you'll know what i'll mean.. anyways at this point i was totally terrified and i almost  began to feel weak in the knees. i went to my room making sounds... this woke my dad up... now at this point im a total broken record, and my dad is asking me what is wrong... now i can understand what he is saying, but i had no idea how to talk, except mumble random paranoid things... my dad was asking what i was on, because he knew i was on drugs, all i could bring up was... mushrooms, acid, dmt, dmt nexus, why why why.... so as u can imagine my dad was pretty scared, cuz he had no idea what i was on... just to make matters worse this is where i started to feel suddenly very nausea and puked everywhere, in which my dad decided... ok lets go to the hospital... i was totally flipping out and i couldn't tell at all whether i was thinking or talking, and found concentating very difficult, so anyways out of fear i start kicking my dads windshield cracking it somewhat, so now im in the hospital i thought i was in a mental hopsital for some reason, and now im flipping out and a cop there asks me, he was sort of working security he wasn't trying to arrest me or anything.... what r u on? and i manage to mumble dmt, i think he made a weird look and didn't know what it was. everything is very distorted and its difficult to make out someones face. out of fear i fall to the ground and start crawling away from him, so now they grab me and put me in a room in a bed i was being restrained apparently cuz i was trying to run away., now.. for some reason i had the fullest bladder i ever had, and pissed all over myself, they stick a tube in my penis, and i spend 4 hours tripping and talking to my dad this helped a lil though really sucked cuz it was my dad and he was crying a lil i think... anyways i think it could of prevented or helped it greatly if it was a friend or somebody who knew i was tripping and cool with it, also about 4 hr later after the trip peaked down, i could finally enjoy it a lil, and then i noticed the visuals more, when it peaked out  at the horrible part. i was too concentrated on the visions to really care about visuals.

anyways i think i think the highest part of the peak lasted about 40 min and for about the next 3 hrs it was at 80-90% of the strength so anyways i hope u read this report and be careful and not take too much... dmt is a very powerful thang and she needs to be respected. so peace yall

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