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Down the Rabbit Hole

a coincidence that it is the first time I trip and the second time is called pool of tears and thats the order in the book. I love when shit accidently lines up that way though!

Ok so I'm calling it that because its the first time tripping and I followed my friend Jasmine at lunch because my friend Jordan told me she hung out with this guy I could buy some from. (2 grams cubenesis 20

dollars good deal) So I got them. And took them on a Wednesday some time in March at the end I don't feel like checking right now.  So it was a school night If you're aware I was in high school then and I tool them

in my brothers empty room that is temporarlily the guestroom around 7:30 simultaneously with oranje juice.and I told my parentsI wasn't eating dinner and was tired so I was going to sleep early (how they ate that shit up I still don't know)

So I listen to techno and set a timer on my iTouch cause I am an impatient one and walk to my own room.

I'm laying down and thirty minutes have passed and I suddenly drop my iPod and my wrists and every muscle becomes relaxed I check my pulils on the silver shiny part of the iPod that is like my mirror

and see them fully dilated and become nervous. I start calling people and finally call Nick the guy I got them from who wasn't fully my friend then and he wasn't answering so I

started shaking with nervousness and trembling. I began listening to music to ease myself and I call Kassandra to see whats up. She answers the phone and

I tell her immediately what I've done and she laughs about it and we get into this deep conversation about social life at school and about unimpartant

ways the teenage society thinks about popularity and I keep laughing and looking at the saturatated colors of my walls. Sooner or later she and I hang up and I'm then completely calm. I kept telling

her how beatiful it was and how everything she said wasa perfect definition and answer any teenager ever needed for there life. He finally called back and told me not to think about it but I kept asking him what to

think about and when the walls would move. After our conversation ended I felt my mouth and limbs go slightly numb. I never saw the walls move. But my perception of the way my room looked changed.

Like I was staring at it for the first time. I also experienced racing thoughts. Slight echoes but not as intense as on 3 grams. Hmm.... he kept texting me telling me not to think about it. I watched TV and

saw comercials for movies like 21 and everytime I saw that comercial everything was distorted. I watched poker on Tv which I never watch but it was distorted and they were playing with cards and

the movie 21 is all about cards and cards were the theme of the first Alice in Wonderland book so I felt special in someway. Being reminded about this I listen to Gwen Stefani's What You Waiting For? song it sounded wobbly because I was tripping but its amazing music+shrooming= life understanding. and

it's lyrics and wonderland themed music video made me complete. There are lines in What You Waiting For? that go "Naturally Im worried if I do it alone" - "Who really cares cause its your life..."

"Tick-Tock...nani matteru no?" (japanese for what you waiting for) and what I got out of it was I was afraid of doing shrooms alone and my conscience was telling me to be confident and asked me what you waiting

for? and the tick tocks reminded me how many hours I had and how minutes went by like hours and how I lost perception of time and how I had this ticking iPod

in my pocket that I reset so I had to check the time. I didn't feel sober till about 2 am. and my puils were slowly regularizing. I was tired of it by then. But I was in wonder that whole time and

I felt like Alice in Wonderland for the mere logic that she is a known hero for experimenting and learning through curiosity and experience and inspiring other people to do the same.


The next day at school I looked around at my friends and I couldn't believe what I had done. I felt optimistic about life and felt the simplicity of my Media class watching friends laughing and

living with their eyes closed. But mine were wide open.

it sounded wobbly because I was tripping but its amazing music+shrooming= life understanding.

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