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Bad Shroomie trip

My bad trip... PS: I was blazed when i wrote this but its all true.

It was a saturday night around 10:45 p.m. and me and 2 of my friends wanted to have another experience on some Psilocybe Cubensis shroomies but this time we decided to take a higher dose. I had tookin 3 grams and my friend had 3.5 and my other friend had tookin 2.5. It took like 30 minutes and i started seeing my hand all blurry when i would move it. After an hour visuals were becoming apparent and i started laying down on my bathroom floor and started seeing lizards and shroomies on the wall. Then all of the sudden my friend who had tookin 3.5 g's  started running into the bathroom throwing up and thats when everything started. He had left a big mess of throw up all over the floor and unfortunatly i had to clean it up because it was my house. So after i cleaned it up i started having my bad trip. I was seeing colorful throw up all over the walls floor and i was fuckin scared cuz i thought the people had sold them to us had laced something in them to make us throw up. I knew shrooms made you throw up at high doses but i was thinking that at the time. So after i tried cleaning up his mess i started feeling nauseated  and felt like i had to through up so i sat in front of my toilet and i tried throwing up but i couldn't, I dont even think i needed to i was just having a bad trip. So i sat there for about 20 minutes trying to throw up and i looked at the wall infront of me and i started seeing kaleidoscope patterns, then it suddenly changed and i wasn't seeing my bathroom i was seeing my self sitting in front of my toilet trying to throw up and i dont know how i possibly could've seen that because there wasnt a mirror or anything, So after the 20 minutes i just told my self i just wanted to go to sleep so it all could end but when i closed my eyes i was having "closed eye visuals" and I couldn't go to sleep because all i was seeing was colorful tunnels. So i got up and i started talking with my friends but i couldnt understand what they were saying because their voices sounded all deep and echoe and their heads looked  of usall pointed and sharp like a knife. So all decided to go outside in my back yard and i started looking at the sky and i saw the full moon and the stars and they started spinning and i was like fuck ya this is down and i started having a good trip again so i closed my eyes for like a minute and when i opened them everyone was gone except for my friend who took 2.5. I just ignored what ever was going on with my friend who went inside. So me and my friend who stayed outside started hearing someone say "come over here" and we were like who said that so i went inside because i was thinkin it was my other friend who was saying that but it wasn't cause he was crashin out aleady. So as i was looking for the person who was saying that until my friend that was outside ran inside and said hurry up i found the guy who was saying that, he wants to have a party with us. So we ran outside he took me to a garden gnome  in my back yard so we sat out there for like half an hour talking to the  garden  gnome and he kept telling us to go inside bng a ecause were tripping to hard. So we went inside and i saw my mom so i ran to my bed room and was pretending to sleep. When she went back to her room i got up and i was trying to calm my self down a little because i was havibad trip again. But when i was talking to my friend who my friend who had tookin 2.5 he said he was already on his downer and i was trying to talk to him but i couldn't control myself i was acting so stupid, i was acting drunk. I was stumbling everywhere and i still couldnt make sense of what i was saying and I really was trying to walk and talk right but i was still fucked up so i couldnt. So we sat down for like an hour and after the hour the shrooms started wearing off so we decided to get up and start cleaning up and there was throw up all over the place in the bathroom and the kitchen. (NOTE: to this day i still dont know if when i was in the bathroom for those 20 minutes, i was throwing up or not). After we cleaned up we looked at the clock and it was 6 am. I finally had the chance to look at my self in the mirror and i could tell i was sweating the whole night, im pretty sure that was because of the bad trip. So after everything i just fckn layed down and went to bed.  But now that i look back i was having the craziest trip of my life. haha. PS: Theres other stuff that happend to me while on this trip but i cant remember.

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