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Pool of Tears

It was friday and I felt very relaxed.

I bought them from my friend Jordan and put them in the freezer for 2 days then I let them dry in my window.  (3 grams cubenesis 45 dollars so like 15 a gram)

Then I put them on a pizza I ordered from a decent resturaunt and ate them in my room I checked the time and it was 4:45 when I finished eating. Pacing to the kitchen as quickly as possible to chug one glass of

orange juice which is important for a trip I pretended like I didn't take them and listened to music while I walked around my neighbor hood

for 30 minutes and I called up Nick and asked him when they would hit and he said in 3 hours but after I got off the phone with his I started laughing uncontrollably and went to the front of my house and kept laughing.

I lied down on my front patio in the shade laughed about the song title Fuck The Pain Away by the band Peaches and thought it was the funniest thing. Then kept laughing and checked my pupils on the back of my

iTouch but they weren't dilated so I guessed they were the coming up

effects. I looked at the walls of my house and the concrete plaster and saw wobbly foot prints and the longer I kept looking at them and think about summer school earlier that day they thurned in circles and started

 turning like wheels inside a pocket watch. (assuming these were the kaleidoscopes which is the most lucid part of the trip somehow)

And I turned my head and looked at the wall and saw it move like jello and saw the patters detail themselves into the wall. I called my friend Kassandra to see what she was doing and she kept making me laugh

and she can always tell when im on them.

So I got off the phone and went inside and my brother was getting ready to teach private lessons to kids and I looked at the wall texture spin in circles and kept laughing and putting my head on the table and when I
turned and looked at the floor the wobbly circles came back and detailed themselves as i laughed. He didn't know the whole time and that made me laugh more.

After he left I went the restroom and saw my pupils fully dilate and the light purple walls saturated and were like dark purple and closed in on me. I left the restroom and went into my room to  lay down

the walls and the whole room was moving while I was on my bed. the posters of girls and bands kept shifting and wobbling. I took a 2 hour nap and dreamt about various places all over my city "example: coffee

shops, streets, my sisters car, places," all vividly and everyone around me was calling me a drug addict and accused me of doing heroin and cocaine and lied. When I woke up I felt guilty but I was still tripping.

I was panicing because of the guilt I still felt in my dream (I felt shorter and my hands legs mouth and teeth were numb) and unlocked the door and saw my mom come home and literally just stood infront of her and started crying.

She kept asking me what was wrong and was scary nice to me and (the whole time I thought she was angry and was hiding it) took me by the hand and walked me to my room like I was 5

in my room I kept crying and she finally saw my dilated pupils and told me I was having a bad trip (which wasn't trully the case, just confusion)  she kept talking and moved her finger which had

traces following them and I felt like the more I cried the more mercy she would have

on me (because punishment means getting slapped in the face and scolded at) so I kept crying until I told her she was making it a bad trip and she got up and left. In my room I sat in a corner and grabbed a

nearby towel and wiped the tears as they simply rolled out of my eyes for about 5 minutes (which in reality the next day I was told an hour and 45 minutes) and my brother came in the room and said

to put on my shoes because I had made plans to go see The Dark Knight with him (yea im close like that with all my 5 other siblings) and went to the movies. Getting out of the car and walking out was amazing.

The street and the sidewalk looked curved and it felt like I was walking up a hill and my brother and I were the same height (hes 5'11 im 5'7 1/2) and the posters were all distorted and funny looking.

Once inside the lights were still on and we sat and I just enjoyed moving my eyes or head to see the walls clearly moving and shifting sometimes a small piece of the wall would twirl just beautifully. But

by the time the previews came on the walls looked squar and normal again and I still felt numb on my hands and teeth/mouth. Pretty fun stuff. This is my second time tripping ill post my first time later though but

not as exciting, ill probably make it shorter.


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