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Planet of The Mucas

I actually rate this trip as a Level 3.

I actually rate this trip as a Level 3.5 according to The Shroomery's different stages because me and my friend were at Level 3, but experienced some Level 4 activity as well. We call this "Planet of The Mucas" because we both had mucas running out of our nose uncontrollably causing us to use up an entire thing of paper towels out of the package. First, we thought it was starting to kick in, but we weren't too sure because Level 1 is pretty easy to confuse with just a placebo kind of feeling. Level 1 to Level 3 happened real quickly because we started by playing video games, but then we took a look at some of the pictures from this web site gallery.....and let me say that you guys KNOW what's going on in the world of shrooms. You're not just another cop-off, but back to the story now. I'm T. and my friend is S. We were playing Warriors of Might & Magic for the Playstation 2, looking at the shroom art on here, drawing in the kitchen, & playing the guitar out on the porch....ALL AT THE SAME TIME. We're in the middle of it yet again. This is now our second trip. I'll get back to you when we're through. The incredibly bright colors are a little too much for me to handle at the moment. See ya.

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