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My last cubensis trip

Psilocybe Cubensis, MS

Me and my bro were sitting around one day smokin some ganja when we decided to go hunting for shrooms. We had been to this field several times before and knew that the weather was right. We pile in the truck and hit the road. We get to the field and start walking around. The field was not like we had remembered it to be in the past. The grass was high, it was wet, and humid. It just wasn't the same place. We trudge all the way across the field, and come to the tree line on the other side of the field. We cross it and enter another field that wasn't much better than the first. We start looking around in the woods near the trees because of the high grass. We looked around for about an hour or so with no luck. At this point it's about 1 in the morning and we're soaking wet, and the high is wearing off. So we start to head back and realize that we have no idea where we are. So we pretty much gave up. On the way back to the truck, our hopes were down because we were really craving some shrooms. With the truck in site, we cross through a tree line and literally 100 yards or so away from the truck is this fresh cow patty, with something growing out of it. Immediately we knew that it had to be some psilocybe cubensis'. And yes it was, there were 7 rather large caps that looked a couple days old and were very mature. There was mycellium completely covering the ground. We thought to ourselves that we would have a fairlly mild trip, but it was worth it. We picked them and also collected the cow shit. We start walkiing again, and 20 steps away from the first pile was another manure pile with about 10 more cubensis. We thought we had struck gold! And yes we did.

We're heading back to the house with the shrooms we had, and the excitement just couldn't be held back. We each ate one on the way back. When we got to the house we just rinsed them off, split it up evenly and devoured our magical snack. We began watching tv and just giggling for a while, then i wandered outside to enjoy the outdoors. I remember seeing these two pine trees that seemed as if they were the size of a redwood from California. After staring at them for a while they began to bend down and begin talking to me. I totally freaked out at first then began to have a complete conversation with the trees about what it was like to live as a tree, and all the stuff that they've seen. It really made me understand the meaning of change, and how things change slowly but surely over time. And a tree gets to witness this throughout it's lifetime. I was in awe. I started walking through the woods and all the trees seemed to be glowing with white dots that resembled pores. They were pulsating in and out like they were just breathing and producing fresh air.

It took me a good hour or so get out of the woods, I kept getting turned around just mezmirized by all the lifeforms that dwell in the forest. All of the spiders, the birds, it was amazing. Everything seemed to be lit up with color. At this point I'm tripping pretty hard just enjoying every bit of it. Everything seemed to make sense. The meaning of life just clicked with me. I understood everything as if everything was just meshed together in this huge circle. It really affected me mentally.

We somehow find our way back to the house and begin watching cartoon network and everything on tv was totally distorted, and just popping out at me. It was scary at first, but then I settled down and started to enjoy it. My brother swears to this day that the devil himself walked out of his room and began talking to him. It still makes him nervous to talk about it. After we kinda settled down we decided to drive around. We decided to go drive across town to my house at 4 in the morning. The drive seemed like it took forever. All of the street lights and stoplights just seemed as if I were in some super sped up video with lights just flashing around evrerywhere. Totally cool.

We get back to my house and there was a shit ton of people at my house latenighting, I guess they had all just got home from the bars. I remember being totally paranoid about walking into my house because I didn't want everyone to konw that i was tripping. By this point I was tripping face. Hardcore. I remember walking around the side of my house and hiding in the bushes just waiting it out. I made friends with a spider that had spun a web, and it really seemed like we were friends or something, he would lower down and it seemed as if he was trying to speak to me, but it never made sense. I watched everyone leave one by one and then snuck into my bedroom at like 5:30 am. I couldn't sleep at all that night and just started watching tv and listening to P Groove, and some Dead.

What a wonderful trip, not as intense as some others I've had, but it was a nice clean, and smooth trip.

I'm actually cultivating some Ecuadorian Cubensis', and some Cambodian Dwarfs that have already colonized and I can't wait.

Psilocyben is a very powerful chemical and mushrooms truly are a "magical" plant.

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