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Contacting the Salvia spirit.

Intense entity contact from plain leaf

  After receiving 28 grams of premium dried Salvia leaf, I did not know that I was about to experience the strongest salvia trip I have even had.


 I was alone in my room with the door locked, sitting Indian style on a pillow on the floor.


 I took a 2 liter coke bottle and jabbed a hole in the side near the bottom, I then filled it with water, placed my jumbo bowl on top, let the water drain into another container and lit it up.

 The Experience:

 After letting the smoke take up the majority of the 2 liter, I took one massive hit off it, but accidentally swallowed the smoke involuntarily, I burped it back up and inhaled it instantly, held it in for a little bit, then took another massive hit, held it in as long as I could, blew, then cleared the rest and ghosted it.

I started to realize that I was about to go on the trip of my lifetime, I closed my eyes and there he was, a human figure standing over me staring down into my soul, I could "Feel" him, I lifted my hands to him and he threw his hands into mine and told me telepathically that he was a god and demanded me to show total respect, he identified himself as male (which is weird, because I always read about the Salvia entity being female).  All the pressure that salvia usually makes on my body was all focused onto my hands, it felt as if I was actually touching invisible objects. The spirit started to take me from my body and placed me into a roller coaster cart, I started yelling "Yes! I understand! Yes! Yes!". I knew that the salvia spirit was about to send me on an adventure. I felt as if I was actually somewhere else. And then everything changed again, I felt as if I was hanging off a cliff, I was looking up at the spirit, the spirit was trying to show me something, but it was unclear, I think this was because I started to get alittle bit scared. I then felt myself back, I was still lifting my hands into the air, I felt as if I was kneeling before a god and he had complete control over my body and soul like he could crush me into oblivion any minute. He then backed off slowly and I opened my eyes, I was back sitting on the floor, I noticed I spilt water on myself, which sucked. I felt very stoned and spacey during the after effects until I slowly went back to baseline.

This was my very first entity contact/out of body experience from Salvia, and I have to say the most intense Salvia trip I have ever experience. I now know the key to Salvia and understand why so many people don't experience the right effects, I now understand why so many people say that Salvia has a "spirit", which I believe I came in contact with.

Next time I try Salvia, I want to be as calm as I can, so the Salvia spirit will actually be able to tell me what he was trying to tell me.

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