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first time for everything

Bad trip... but I might try again anyways

So I've done acid before, and would have preferred to just do acid again, but there hasn't been a shipment of acid to my town for a while so shrooms are just wayyy more accessable.
I was with 4 other people who all took varying amounts of shrooms. I took about 2 medium shrooms. One of my friends ate one GIANT shroom, it was pretty cool.
So after we ate them we decided to walk down to Wendy's to get some fries and to just get out of the house. On the walk over a few people started to feel a little bit funny and when we were in the store the effects became obvious. Everything in the restaurant was moving. The pattern on the carpet was especially trippy. We chilled there and ate fries and milkshakes but for some reason it was really hard for me to eat. On the walk home the shrooms hit us all like a trainwreck. It was really pretty outside and all the buildings looked trippy.
When I got home I had to let my dog outside to go to the bathroom but she was freaking me out because she was acting like she could tell that I was tripping out. I kept forgetting what I was doing but I finally did let her out and then I was walking around to various rooms of my house seeing what everyone else was doing. I felt good but also kind of sick. Thinking back, I probably felt a little sick from the shrooms being in my stomach.
Everything started to seem very unrealistic. There were things everywhere. Bugs crawling everywhere, but they looked pretty cool so I was okay but then I started to not be able to tell what was real and what I was just hallucinating.
One of my friends was talking on speaker phone and I was freaking out because I wasn't sure if I was just imagining a voice coming out of the phone or not.
Everything started melting then. Everyone's faces looked funny, I was seeing everything warped and moving. And everyone had an extra set of eyes above their own eyes. At this point I wasn't sure if it was okay that all these people were in my house and I was afraid we were breaking stuff in my house and one of the milkshakes we had bought got spilled on my table all over everything.
I was trying to figure out if everyhting was going to be okay when I came back down and I started to really want to come back down but time was going very slow and I couldn't even understand the concept of time anymore. I wasn't sure if it was hot or cold in my house, I couldn't tell if the windows were open or closed. I was very confused so I wanted to go to sleep. I thought I was dying or stuck in that state forever.
Most of the night I was wanedting around my house mumbling to myself and I really freaked all my friends out. They asked me if I was okay but I thought I might by dying. I was cosidering being taken to the hospital. But after relaxing for a while I started to come down and then I was very happy and I now have a deeper appreciation for life.
Before I was thinking shrooms was a huge mistake but now that I've done them and I am fine, I think if I do them again I will be able to remember that I will be okay and wont die.
Best of luck to you all.

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