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first trip pretty successful

freaking out

Soo ive been trying to find shrooms for the longest time and my friend A got 3 1/8s of shrooms for myself, him, and B.  We eat them around 615  and a bout an hour later we are all playing pool and i notice that there is a patern of grapevines all over the table.  I decide to go take a walk outside and the sky is beautiful, trees branches are waving and i am just loving all these new feelings and sensations coming over me.  As we are all starting to reach our peaks  we decide to watch Dazed and Confused and the entire time i am in my own world in a fit of laughter .  I felt as though i was friends  with the characters in the movie just hanging out wiht them in whatever was going on. it was a feeling that was so surreal it is almost unexplainable.  

As im coming down i am alone in a room blasting dark side of the moon. i look at my hand thats holding the ipod and my hand starts to transform.  My fingers turn into knubs and my fingernails dissappear.  At this point the ceiling was a light show comparable to the northern lights.  waves of purple green blue and orange vibrating and waving to the mood and beat of the music as if it were all synchronized truly blew my mind away.

All in all my first trip was really really awesome however there were a couple of non trippers with us who made me uncomfortable at times but it still was one of the best nights of my life

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