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Street Races

10:30pm take 3.

10:30pm take 3.5 gramms of shrooms (mostly caps) in a bacon mushroom melt, anxiety builds for 40 minutes as I wait for this thing to hit me.
11:15pm sitting in a parking lot with my friend waiting for friends to call to head to the races, the mushrooms are starting to do their thing now, I stare at trees for what seems to be for ever, they move but they don't, everything around me seems to just breathe.
11:45pm Friends called we all hop in one car and head for the races, on the ride there I sit in the middle (my friends are not on shrooms they all just smoked up lots), the car seems to be narrow, I notice things touching me, seatbelt seems to get tighter whenever I breathe, for the 30 minute car ride it takes I want nothing more then to get out of the car.
12:30am arrive at the spot for racing, I see 200 cars behind my friends, never ending lights, all different colours all the cars making different noises, I get out smoke a bowl, standing in some grass i notice some tightening around my ankles, it feels painful so I look down and the grass starts growing, when it gets about 2 feet tall it dies, then gregrows again and again, after what seems like 10 minutes of staring I look up, I notice a car with 7 tone paint go by, seemed like 700 tone to me
1:00am The races start, the noise of the engines/people peeling out trips me out hard, I get really attracted to seeing 2 cars race down the track as they meld toghether when they are near the end, wow.
1:45am After tripping out on cars/people for 45 minutes the worst thing ever happends, the cops barracade all entrances/exits to the races and theres a mad scramble to get out, we hop in my buddy's car and follow people around for 20 minutes trying to find a way out, no one can seem to get out, everyone is trapped in a maze, wow im scared at this moment to death. We stop to try and look around and a van full of people pulls up and tells us they know a way out.. we trust them. We go offroading into a field which has 4 ft grass, everyone has to walk in front of the two cars to guide them, in the pitch black walking through 4ft grass, with a cars lights behind you can really trip you out on shrooms if you want it to.
2:20 am Finally get out of the field what a relief, we're free from the police and im coming down off the shrooms, the ride home is relaxing and I just enjoy the eye candy as the lights go by
3:00 am get home walk inside, crawl into bed and look out the window
3:45 am after seeing clouds become various objects for 45 minutes im too tired to keep my eyes open and I fall asleep.

This whole experience was insane. At all times I was seeing things morph into one another, lights and sounds were too confusing to think about, a very enjoyable trip except for when the grass was grabbing me, I was scrared shitless. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the read. =)

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