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The rooms all had their own color

Holy crap. I can't describe how awesome it was to eat those strawberries.

This was my first experience with shrooms. My buddy, D, had been growing and eating them for a while. I was originally very worried about him, but after doing a lot of my own research I was not only OK with him doing them, but I wanted to try.

D had just moved into a house with his girlfriend J and his other friends, JP, M, and JR. It was a huge 6 bedroom house and it was a new place for all of us. My girlfriend, Z, and I came to visit for a weekend and we decided to chrisen the place with a group trip on a Friday afternoon.

After sleeping in late to deal with our hangovers from the night before, we all gathered in D's room to divide up the dried shrooms he had an gauge doses. D, M and myself took 2.8g, Z took 1.7g and JP and JR took 3.5g. I had heard a lot about the horrible taste, but it didn't really phase me as I was eating. I got a good chewing in as everyone else choked theirs down.

Well... I coming up fast in about 10 minutes. I was laughing so hard at everything that tears were streaming out of my eyes. I don't even know if anyone else was coming up. I spent at least 15 minutes convincing myself to stop laughing.

When I finally did stop laughing I was overcome with the urge to explore. I got up and started walking through the house examining every bed room, bathroom, closet and kitchen. I even stood outside the back door for a few minutes. The mid-day sunshine was spectacular.

I was only able to enjoy myself for a bit before I thought that I might look silly just standing outside the door looking around. I felt the need to try to look normal and imagined myself sighing and clearing my throat like someone who just came outside to get some air. As soon as I did this, I realized that I was just someone who came outside to get some air, had a giggle and went back inside.

When I went back inside, everyone was running around the house as a group examining things and sharing. I joined right in and got lost. I remember not knowing what floor of the house I was on and being frustrated about that and spent a little bit of time running from Z because she was trying to eat my ear. It was a fantastic experience.  It was like being a kid with a bunch of other kids.  I distinctly remember the vibrant colors that were different in each room.  Each room had its color which everything but a few contrasting objects were a shade of.  It was as though each place I went to had a personality.

I snuck off at one point to get away from everyone and discovered some fresh strawberries in the fridge. Without thinking twice, I cracked them open and found a chair to eat them in. Holy crap. I can't describe how awesome it was to eat those strawberries. They were magnificent. One by one, another person would discover me and my strawberries to announce, “We had strawberries!?!” and consume them with me until we were all gathered around the empty plastic container.  While I was chatting with JR, I stopped myself at one point and announced that I was incredibly boring and asked JR how he could listen to me.  I couldn't stand to listen to the sound of my voice droning on and on about crap.

With a little bit of banana peel eating and exploration of the cold and dead basement behind us, I decided that I was take it upon myself to make sure that we all went to the park. 3 hours later, I had convinced JR and JP to put their shoes on, It wasn't until I was coming down that we walked to the park. It was still fun though. By the time we got to the park, it was trailing away and Z could sense that I was leaving and came over to play with me one last bit before we were both back in the plain-old normal park.

J (who didn't eat any) came to join us in the park and to make sure we weren't causing trouble and that concluded my trip. JR didn't come down for a couple hours and managed to eat some tree sap before he did.

Fun times. I'm hooked.

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