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River Trippin'


My boyfriend and I went to a music festival and ate some mushrooms right after setting up camp.  We headed up to the festival grounds to look around for awhile, and I noticed my boyfriend started acting goofy.  He asked for my bottle of water, unscrewed the cap, laughed and screwed it back on and laughed more.  I figured we should head back by camp to enjoy our trip.  When we headed back, we saw that our friends were sitting in the river.  We thought that sounded good so we grabbed our chairs and sat in the nice clear water.  My boyfriend was barefoot and I couldn't get over how white his feet looked in the water.  We laughed about this for a good five minutes.  My boyfriend thought maybe he should take his feet out of the water since they were white.  This made me laugh even harder.  The friends we were with decided to walk around a little, but we stayed in our chairs staring at the water.  The water was clear, so we could see everything on the bottom.  The rocks started to look like one of those native american blankets, with all sorts of earth tones and patterns.  My boyfriend's chair kept sinking into the water, so I offered my chair and sat in my friend's empty chair.  I immediately decided I wanted my chair back, so we moved again.  Then we laughed when we realized our friends were standing on the bridge not too far from us, probably watching this whole scene.  My friend then came down and offered me a pot cookie, which I loved her for.  My boyfriend and I remained in our chairs laughing about his white feet again until my friend came back with the cookie.  The cookie immediately fell apart in my hands and I had the hardest time trying to eat it.  Both eating and smoking cigarettes were completely unfamiliar.  I can't really describe it; It just seemed like I wasn't really doing it.  After awhile, my boyfriend moved his chair out of the river and onto the beach because it was "too intense over there".  I laughed and turned back to the river.  Across the stream I thought I saw some mice moving on the rocks.  I looked back and realized they were just white rocks and laughed, saying to my boyfriend, "I thought I saw some mice over there..."  We laughed and he moved back over by me.  I looked up at the clouds and they were moving around in kaliedoscope patterns.  The world behind my sunglasses was way better than without.  When I took them off, I just didn't feel right.  I felt completely safe in my river shoes and I never wanted to leave the spot we were at.  We sat by that river for probably 3 hours and I still had tracers and tripped a little for a few hours after that.  This was my best trip, although it's only the second one.  My boyfriend has shroomed many times and he said it was his best trip ever.  We took some acid a few days later and sat by the river again, but it wasn't the same, so we enjoyed that trip elsewhere.

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