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so apparently my body is being shared...

first time trip...the good the bad and the hilarious.

alright, well before my experience I didn not know much about the shroom other than it is a psychedelic hallucinate.  I'v smoked jane for a while now nad have experiment with other substances such as thizz, slavia and yayo.  However nothing I have ever done in my life would prepare me for what I was about to go through 2 nights ago.  My cousin called me saying he had picked up on some and was down to roll with me.  I was stoked to do it but on the down side our shroom connect recommended to do them in a day time open enviorment, which seems to be true about the trip.  Needless to say we didnt wait til the next day or take the time to find an open area, we simply did it up in our room at around 10PM.  Once I got the shroom from my cousin i noticed it smelled like piss? i really dont think they all smell like this but who knows, maybe our connect dropped em in the toilet.  But this didnt stop us, we begain eating our fungus and drank a little arizona tea.  I layed on the bed wondering what would happen and "would I really hallucinate?!"  well i was in for a ride....about 30 min passed and I was still feeling sober as my cousin played some Peter Tosh on the computer and turned on the visualizer.  I asked "oh so the visualizer helps you trip out?" he replied with a "visualizer or not...you'l soon be on another plannet".   Well i begain to feel kinda like i just got high and was pretty light headed.  I made a few trip to the bathroom for all the tea iv been drinking and kept going back to the bed and laying down.  After laying there for about 15 min straight, after the small stoning effect, i decided to get up and like getting hit by a cotton freight train, I started feeling like i was on a boat and said "mad it feels like im on E"...

well for about 10-15 min i slowly got into my trip so ill cut the crap and get to the better material...

I layed there and seen my cousin laughing and all I could do was wonder what was going on, it was too much so I closed my eyes and when they opened again, i seen the cookie monsters head laying right next to him.  I told him what I saw and it only furthered his laughter.  I started seeing my wet towel on the floor breathe and this overwhelmed me again so i closed my eyes for a second time and started seeing akward patterns of fish (i went fishing earlier that day, ancient egyptian statue girl thing and color...lots and lots of color) ...and dont forget that Color ;) .   before this trip I seen some salvia trip art on a page and the art looked so similar that It gave me the most intense chills in my body because of the fact that I was experiencing something that I thought was only in dreams.  After about 2 hours or so, I found myself in this akward state...my cousin described it as "the fear" where I begain drawing the music i heard and when i would look at him, his face was blacked out.  I started feeling feint as if i was trapped inside my body without any control over it as i begain to write on the desk "hi my name is jake" (names not jake by the way) and "you can help me rite?"...I am not sure if other people get something like this but I felt as if my body was taken over by a spirit and communicated through me...an exorcism type phenomena, i dont know? but i began saying, acting, and doing things based on this idea.  i would say thing as if it was this "jake" and my cousin would first reply with a "your trippin balls" and after a while it turned into a, "man your fucking with my trip stop".  at this point i realized he was pretty tripped about it as i was, but for some reason i couldnt stop the maddness... i simply replied with a "well ill stop dude...doesnt mean Jake will." and for one reason or another, that phrase sent chill down my back and scared me breathless.  I have never felt so close with a possible spirit.  I felt as if my body was on earth my mind was on pluto and my spirit was dead.  But it was okay because I didnt feel the need for any part of myself for I felt one with the universe.  Well time passed and the trip faded, and around 4-5AM i fell asleep and awoke to a strange experience, I was freezing cold yet my body was sweating like no other.  My shirt was completely soaked to the point where I may have been able to ring it up and get a few drops out of it.

Concluding my short story... the day after I felt like shrooms were the scariest thing on earth and there is no single way to explain it or single drug that could match it.  But after some time I and stoked for another session like this, however  to other who plan on trying it for the first time, i really do recommend day light...and lots of it, because a good trip can go bad based on a single hallucination.  uhm, thats all I have to say buddys, i dont know, maybe some comments explaining my esp experience would be nice, other than that I hope you enjoyed my poorly remembered / written trip.
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