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Consider Skimboarding on LSD

Crashing waves of water - and euphoria permeated the boundary of my skin.

Good old LSD has graced my tongue once again...

The first thing I ate this morning was a sugar cube. Breakfast of the gods. My body however, took a bad reaction to the simple carbohydrate breakfast. Somehow the screw driver prying open my mind got to the ol' stomach.

So I supplemented the breakfast with some lightly sweetened ginger chips and off the the beach!

My stomach took one more lurch walking in the woods to the beach. I saw a group of teens accompanied by a man with a grave looking head all pale and shriveled up. Another twitch of the eye showed me a camera man and I realized the whole thing was a skit that was being filmed. They all laughed as I passed... soon after I did to.

My stomach settle completely at the Puget Sound seashore at Howarth Park beach.

The salty brine of the water and everything it saturated perhaps brought myself back to where the first single cell organism came out of the carbon and water.

That was too much of a mind-full.

I skam on the water pretending to be a wave that cascades over itself.

Then just simple sat down.

I welcomed the waves of water and euphoria that rushed through me.

I didn't even seem to have skin. When I sate in the water I became it.

This occurrence should be experienced much more considering all we are, are balloons of it.

Well let me say, waves crashing all over you by the moons pull will puncture that balloon to water interface and in a second release you from your skin.

-just a guy at the beach

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