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They hit me in 10 minutes

not fun not fun not fun

Alright, so I just turned 23 and I'll be enlightening you with my one and only bad trip (although not awful) I had when I was 20....

We were all over at my boyfriend's apartment, I'll call him P (an experienced shroomer). My sister was there too, it was going to be her first time, I'll call her A. My best girlfriend, B, was also trying them for the first time (but she's taken acid before) and her boyfriend, E,  another experienced shroomer was there all to do the shrooms
ALso at the apartment  were a couple people not doing them....it was P's roomate, BB, who was grumpy and two of his friends (who've i've known forever) N and S. Oh and I've taken shrooms about 3 times before this.....

OK so S had just baked some weed brownies and we all bought one to take with our shrooms.  We all sat at the table and I'll say about 7 pm ate our amount, my sister, B and I split 2 8ths about and E and P had thier own 8th.   Now this is when it goes bad....for some reason, and i'm not exagerating at all....the shrooms kicked in full gear for me in 10 minutes!  I was sitting on the couch and looking at the cushions and i could see every thread dancing and changing colors... I could barely look up and couldn't stop laughing.  Well, BB, was in a bad mood and thought I was being too loud, he kept yelling at me to shut up....and I think we all know what that does to someone on shrroms. I felt the walls closing in and wanted to leave, I kept saying it over and over, no one seemed to listen and no body was high yet, they didn't feel a thing! I finally walked out and started pacing around the parking lot...finally everyone came out and decided we could go on a drive..... We all got in the car, still no one felt anything and i was GRILLING hard! I would of enjoyed it if everyone else was high, but instead I was distressed because of it and not able to enjoy it, I fought the high and that's a bad idea.  We ended up at a high school's basketball outdoor court.  I hid behind my hoodie and tried to relax.....FInally everyone started getting high.....Then all of a sudden B turned to me and said it looked like i was in  a cave and that I  was evil ( ofcourse she didn't mean anything by it) but I took it the WRONG way and got really agitated, i started yelling and saying I didn't want to be high. Then I got shushed by everyone, sayin the cops would come and this is private property.... YEAH bad idea to say......so I began to cry and wanted to leave and my boyfriend was yelling at me and my friend was too.....it was bad! I felt everyone hated me, we finally got  in car again and just as my sister was finally getting high (i don't know why it took her so long) I began to come down, and boy did i love REALITY :)  We all went to these caves and trails by my house and i wass finally relaxed.... well  I wasn't high anymore.  Everyone else was still slightly high, my sister was peaking the most.

All in all the shrooms were not that great.... I mean we all ate a decent amount and diddn't get that high, for some reason, could of been the cap I ate, I had a very intense quick peak but it was over within 2 hours.  However, if I peaked with everyone else I know my trip would of been awesome........But i guess the lesson here is to be prepared no matter what and don't let the environment affect your high.  Oh and when i mentioned that everyone was yelling at me....that's only cuz apparantly I was yelling at everyone and wouldn't let them get a word in, but all I heard was anger towards me haha

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