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First time Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Mind blowing experience from utter bliss to insanity and back.


A very simple process was done, dont know if it mattered though, the best looking seeds were picked out and 10 were smashed up and let soak in water for around 30 minutes. The resulting mush was laid on the tongue for a bit then swallowed.

The whole experience is kind of cloudy due to the loss of perception of time.

Good Trip

Me and my friend used the same preparation, and dosed around 10 AM (I think). We used herb to settle our stomachs during the come up. We didnt feel anything for at least an hour. When the effects finally started to kick in, we were both sitting on a rock when suddenly a surrealistic, dreamlike state overtook me. It felt as if the door to my mind was opened and LSA was the key. Thoughts and ideas flew freely, I felt like I was literally all-knowing.

I also felt very unbalanced, like everything could go wrong at any moment, so my friend and me helped each other by having conversation. One thing that helped the most, was meditation I believe. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths and tried to push away all the negative energy. I imagined a shield around myself, and then, everything felt okay. We got up and ran over to the trampoline. Everything was so bright and beautiful, I felt one with nature like it was embracing me. I almost cried while touching a flower, as I looked at the back of a leaf, I could see every little detail and it was likei t was the most amazing leaf ever. At one point I was rolling around on the trampoline, laughing as hard as I could, with a feeling of intense pleasure and ecstasy. I yelled, "This is be best feeling I have ever had in my life!"

During this whole time, my friend and me were having these deep conversations of pure logic it seemed (But was probably pure gibberish) He felt the same as I did.

After awhile I noticed Nausea was setting in again. We then used herb again to settle the Nausea, and this is when things got crazy.

We both got very VERY excited, and ran out the door and into the forest. We were walking around in circles acting like we were hunting animals that werent there. I didnt actually see them, but my mind told me they were there. We were out there for what seemed like 4 hours until we came back, then we looked at the time. It had only been around 2-3 hours since dosing, and we were only out in the forest for 30 minutes. It had already seemed like weve been tripping all day. We decided to go inside.

Bad Trip

When we went inside, my friend went to the bathroom while I sat down on the computer. Something just seemed wrong, it was indescribable, I was starting to get nervous, not knowing what was going on and if I was ever able to come back. That is when my friend came in and said "I think Im dieing". I told him to calm down, but my own mind started to spiral into panic. I felt like the lsa reality was my new reality, I thought I was going to be like this forever. I was in a deep mental battle against what seemed split personalities. One side told me I was going to be okay, I couldnt be going insane. While the other side told me I was going insane.

For the next 20 minutes or so, which seemed like forever, I was on the edge of insanity. Wondering around aimlessly, not knowing where I was, what I was doing. I was in a panic. Until I finally just went into the living room and relaxed on the couch.

This is where I noticed if I concentrate on what I normally do, like watching TV, I would come back. This is what my friend already figured out. I slowly felt better again after this.


For the rest of the day I felt good, kind of loopy, couldnt eat, or sleep Until the residual effects wore off at around 1 am the next morning. Woke up the next day and felt  "different"  that day. Felt completely normal by the next day.

I kind of left out a few parts, due to difficulty remembering the order of events.

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