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1st Trip


It all started one night as a friend and I we're smoking a bowl in his yard and walking around. We stumbled upon some wild mushrooms and my friend looked to me and asked me if I would be in to trying mushrooms. I was into it because the idea of hallucinations had always enthatuated me and seeing it as a natural substance the idea of trying them did not bother me too much.

We did our research and decided to look around.( Stumbled upon this website at the time probably the most helpful thing ever) I live dead center in the middle of nowhere so I can find just about any substance at the drop of a dime, so I figured it wouldn't be much of a problem. I was wrong...they appear and disappear sparatically in my area appearantly and before I could call most of my people they we're out. About 3 months (Decemberish) later a close friend of mine got his hands on a rather abundant stash and offered to sell me 3.5g of silvery white cubes. I greatfully accepted.

That saturday night will never be forgotten.

I went to my friends dads house, it hadn't been occupied by an adult (At the time i was only 17) for a while due to his dad finding a girlfriend. My friend was lounging with his girlfriend on the couch when I rolled in she left around 11:30, we cleaned the 3 rooms we expected ourselves to be in and prepared a soundtrack composed of some electronica and what not specifically ( The Sound of Animals fighting). At around midnight we divided and ate followed by a small bottle of orange juice to help dissolve the little buggers. We went and layed down on these massive comfy couches in a completely dark room. We didn't expect the following.

About a half hour passed and we just layed there awaiting our voyage. We both felt high and our limbs were heavy but our minds were unaffected. My friend suddenly shot up and started looking around the the room and then exclaimed "Are you seeing this?". I had no idea what he was talking about. He started his trip and went wandering amongst the house. I began to wander just to get an Idea of how high i really was. Appearantly plaid sets off my trips.

The plaid tile in his dad's kitchen began to seethe and bubble. The lines shot around in all directions. My mind became really fuzzy and I began to think bizzare thoughts about random things and began blurting them to my friend who was now rolling on the floor laughing at whatever i was talking about. I drank some Mountain Dew, I remember it feeling like the carbonation was an army marching down my throat. I went back to the living room the couches began to shrink and grow which made sitting down seem a daunting task so i chose to sit on the carpet that had began breathing followed by the walls. I sat laughing and smiling in that room for around an hour. About 4 hours had passed and we we're bothing peaking the hallucinations began to intensify and my buddy started to meld with my surroundings. We decided to listen to music, and play World of Warcraft. The music created strange patterns on the walls but chatting with friends on the internet was distracting. We played for only about 10 mins and then decided to watch strange videos. Youtube is trippy end of story.

After around an hour we began so come down, relaxed and calm I went to the living room. My friend stood by the refridgerator staring into it for roughly 30 minutes blabbering. The word crunchy sprang from his mouth followed by a few audible crackles and odd sounds. From that point forward everything was crunchy I ended the night sitting in a bay window staring out into the cold suburban neighborhood and smiling. After coming down I was hungry because I had fasted the day before and I was uncomfortable in my skin I didn't sleep. All in all an amazing night.

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