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the greatest trip

i spoke to god

    well hello, my name is garry and i have just become a religious man.
when i was 19 I had had some previous drug addictions on heroin, coke, etc. i was struggling with ending them, but i couldn't do it. I also dropped out of high school. my friend, adam  was very kind. he decided to show me the amazing powers of  mushrooms. i decided to smoke a large amount of them, and i ate some. i turned on some music after sitting with him and watching  2001 a space odyssey  for 10 minutes. i remember the song that played when i started dreaming was "across the universe" by the beatles.
    i felt a sense of euphoria better than anything i have ever felt in my life. my arms were sleepy and so were my legs as i starrted to leave earth. i flew out of the solar system and saw our huge galaxy. i didn't go up anymore after that. i went outward in every direction and i was outside of the universe. it was white and then i saw a bright figure walk up to me. he was glowing brighter than lightning. his robe made his chest was sort of exposed. he told me that he was Elohim (god). i asked him why he was talking to me and he said that i had some spiritual problems. i asked him "what problems?" and he said you will soon know. i thought. i couldnt figure out what he was talking about until after the trip.

    he said nothing as two men appeared.  he pointed to one man and he transmitted a thought to me "iehova" (jesus). jesus had light brown skin, like lenny kravitz. he pointed to another and then he sent me "joseph", who had brown hair and had lighter skin tone than jesus. i did not know who joseph was, as i still don't. the white background turned to a colour that i cannot still describe. it was a beautiful colour that i remember well, even though i only saw it for a fraction of a second. i returned to adams room and he was awake and smoking a joint. i was about to ask for a hit but i felt a feeling. i went home later and flushed al my  drugs down the toilet. it got clogged, which was akward asi would have to call a plumber to unclog bags of heroin, speed and coke from the piping!!!!!

i ended up fxing that myself.

that sunday i  was driving to a theater , when i felt an urge to turn to a church. i am now 23 and i have gone to church on every other sunday since. i just dont understand why they always tell me to not do "drugs" and "hallucinagens". i think that mushrooms are holy or sacred.

i am still wonderin if that was a religious experience or just a trip. i have never had a trip as good since then. it was 4 years ago now, 2004.

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