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oh the unexplainability!

do i exist anymore?

Well id experimented with small doses of mushrooms (p.subauerginosa) a handful of times before, with my biggest previous dosage being a touch over a gram, which tripped me out quite a bit... dont get me wrong. but one day on the 3rd of july 2008 i tried about 2.15g dried, finely chopped, in tea. now id heard about mushrooms tea's before, but i didnt realise how strong it could possilby be.

we got back from a hunt (sadly unsuccessful) and i had already planned the trip. we were thinking about doing it at my mates house, but his mum was gonna be around so wer decided to come back to mine and "drink from the well of souls", so to speak. now i didnt have any scales, so id just guessed the weight of what  i thought would be 2g's... what i weighed out actually turned out to be about 3.2! thank god my mate had his scales with him, so we fixed it up and made it just about an even 2g. ( a slight touch over 2.) well we brewed up the tea, making sure it wasnt too hot that it would kill the psilocybin... once it had brewed, i drank it over about 20 minutes, then i ate my noodles. not really knowing that the tea was gonna hit a lot quicker than just eating them straight up, just after id finished the tea, we decided we could go for a walk.

my mate wanted to go out for a smoke, so i suggested it would be even better to go for a walk. so we walked about half a k down from my place to the bottom of the street and just sat down. after about 10 odd minutes of sitting there i could start to feel it kicking in. i started rambling some stuff, about how beautiful my universe is around me, it sort of felt like i was controlling the universe. then i started to hallucinate a little bit so i thought i should head back. after about 100m of walking things started to get really weird. all of a sudden it just felt like i was walking on a treadmill, just like i wasnt moving at all. then i sort of zoned out for a minute and my mate tried to trip me out. i sort of lost him for a minute, i turned around and he wasnt there. i saw some guy in front of us, only about 200m away, but it seemed like it was a whole eternity away. i thought that it was my mate... it was at this moment that i thought all human beings were leaving the universe... then all of a sudden i turn around and my mate is standing right there. then he said to me "why were you running?" and i said that i wasnt. i asked him where he went and he said he just hid from me for a minute, and i was never running lol. so we finally make it back to my house and decide to sit on my letter box for about another 20 minutes.

now, really really strong hallucinations were starting to kick in. the road looked as though it was sort of flooding with all this smokey black water.... the road just turned into a river. just were my mates car was parked there was all this weird swirly smoky liquid sort of just pooling there. this black smokey stuff had started to run down my driveway... crazy. the pattern of bricks on my driveway just started to sort of shift and change... like there was another thing transparent layer of bricks on top of them... i thought this is getting to intense im gonna go inside. so my mate decides to head home now, so i go inside by myself. i begin to feel really nauseas, so i go upstairs and lie on my bed. things were getting unexplainable, it started to feel as if i no longer existed, every so often id open my eyes and look at something and it would just melt into the item next to it. things were multiplying, totally doubling over, bright coloured patterns were morphing into anything i looked at. i just closed my eyes, and tried to block it out for a while. i started hearing weird noises, grinding, metallic, shifting, random noises... i started to get 3d closed eye hallucinations... i saw weird plants growing out of distorted faces with infinite eyes... i saw people i know walking into my mind and then suddenly melting and morphing...

i began to feel really sick and was getting a bit scared so i walked into my bathroom and thought i was gonna throw up... i just looked into the toiliet and it was just swirling around like crazy... i didnt throw up, so i got up and got a drink of water... it started to feel as though i definatly existed again, i was starting to feel a little better than before. so i had a few cups of water, took a piss and i was alright to go downstairs. it all started to change now... i started to feel really awesome... euphoric infact. i was walking around my house, just laughing and rambling random crap, like really long words. i then though id draw some stuff, so i took some pencils and started to draw... it was amazing... the pencil just seemed to flow by itself... theres no way i could have spouted out any of this shit if i wasnt tripping...  my brother got up soon after and just spoke to me about something called a "time flux machine, used in time travel".... i still wonder if this ever happend. i thought he was playing with a paper bag for what seemed literally an eternity.

it was now about a good 4 hours into the trip, and it was just starting to wear off.. i start to get that feeling when you touch you face, it just feel awesome... also my top 2 teeth went numb, and drinkig water felt really awesome... pain actually started to feel really beautiful. finally after about 5 hours, it was finally totally over.... after a feeling like id never return to reality... feeling like id go insane... i was back.

anything more than 2g's in tea again? i dont know...

thanks for reading folks


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