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The Forest


An aquaintance and I had been looking for a total of 1 1/4 ounces total. It took a fucking long time to make the deal, 4 days when I had been told they had been there the whole time. Anyways, I got it, my friend Alex told me they were some good shit. So I got the kid the ounce he wanted and kept my quarter. Later that night my friends came over and we watched Donny Darko, waiting for my mom to leave so I could get started. She left for a short while, so i ground them up in a coffee grinder and took with some pepsi and a capsule of No-Doz to get my stomach started. My mom came back home about 10 minutes later, my friends and I were just talking to her because she was about to go somewhere else and we were passing time. I noticed I started to feel a little weird (15 minutes since I took them) so i went to go check my eyes and my pupils were completely dilated already. My mom left, so we went outside so I could have a cigarette, and I started talking all loopy and some vision shifts were happening, and we decided to go to one of the state park/mountain things, Lone Pine. I remember being in my friend Katie's car waiting for some reason (about half an hour since I took them now) and I noticed blue vein looking things on my arm flowing, along with all of the hairs on my arm waving around like grass or something. We went to the park and started hiking to the top, I noticed I felt compressed down, like I was very short. As we walked farther and farther up the trail, I felt more and more like liquid, I was all over the trail falling over, spinning, things like that. We got to the top and I basically melted into the rock ledge up there. I went to the bench to sit down, but I basically just melted down so I was sitting in the ground. By this time I had started to peak, when the vision you see looks like a painting and all sounds echo into nothing. I didn't remember how I got there but I also wasn't worried about it. I remember thinking I was not me anymore, I was everything, I could travel through time and be anywhere I wanted (I think I may have come in contact or felt as if I was the oversoul) It was storming that night and it was amazing. We heard some people at the ledge above us but I didn't care (my friends did, but they had the pipe out and were smoking some very shitty weed) I also remember closing my eyes and seeing a man that sort of looked like Jimi Hendrix looking towards the sky with very very thick dreadlocks all outlined in yellow, and once more me melting into a rock, feeling an intense feeling and everything becoming pixelated and blue. After about 2 hours of peaking Katie had to go home, so we started our descent. My other friend asked me what it looked like at the end of the trail, all I saw was the trees and trail shoot far far away. Any farther into the trip isn't worth explaining, they were arguing so it was not much fun. Overall though a very intense mushroom trip.

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