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First Shroom Trip

Here I am, reporting my first shroom trip ever

Hi there. Here I am, reporting my first shroom trip ever. Last saturday, a few friends and I met at my place, and after a few joints and and a couple of Jack Daniel's, we finally took about 2g's of Mexican Shrooms each. As we started to feel the effects, we decided to go to a park in Paris, closed at night. So here we are, at 1:30 AM, entering into this park, unnoticed. By then, our legs felt heavier, lights looked brighter, and sounds wider. But it all started after a few steps into the aforesaid park. First let me describe it : It's a HUGE park. Old trees, flowers, unhabited houses, surrounded by numerous new-agy buildings. Suddendly, as we were wandering in between trees, we started hearing loud music coming from a party in one of the buildings around. It triggered it all for the five of us. Laying in the grass, smoking a cigarette, I experienced my first visual trip. As the music went, the clouds suddendly appeared as kaleidoscopic shapes, constantly in motion. Then , they started turning into grinning, threatening faces, which made me decide to move to another place. By then, we had already split into little groups, wandering through the park. Everywhere our steps led us, we felt amazed by the simple, weird beauty of everything around us. The sky was turning purple, and a friend of mine mistook a building near the park for a huge cake ...
As we started smoking another joint, we suddendly foud ourselves "chased" by a bat, which started flying in circle around us. " OMG, This is BATMAN !! " ....
Meanwhile, I was seeing the faces of my friends move, change, turn into shapeless circles of colours, with gigantic mouthes (...). One of us had found an axe-like stick, which freaked us all big time ... we kept on moving through the park, turning around a cone-shaped chimney stuck in the middle of a vineyard. I was feeling free, out of here. Time and place had no meaning to me anymore. It felt like I had been there forever, and never at the same time. All of a sudden, the music stopped in my head, replaced by high-piched laughters, and all of a sudden the sky caught on fire before my eyes. Dark shapes started moving around me, as the whole park was burning in front of me. For a minute I thought I was in hell, before my mates got me back to "reality". We laid for a few minutes in the grass again, and the sky was now yellow to me, and senseless sentences kept coming into my mind. " Whoa the stars actually *are* swallowing the sky ... who knew ?" - " Am I going crazy ? Yes I am .... and it rocks ... me gonna make a song about it ..."
I knew that if I ever closed my eyes, I would dive into something that I could not describe back, and still can't really. I felt like falling into a deep blue hole, filled with psychedelic shapes. The visions I had where as real as reality around me. I was lost in the blue, moving between gigantic forms I could not describe. When I opened my eyes. It suddendly felt like I had travelled through something bigger than everything my mind ever concieved.We gathered once again, and while I was tripping on my right hand, we started moving again ...

By 3:00 AM, we had passed through a weird labyrinth, a friend started thinking he was an evil elf or something, another had started crawling on stairs. I actually recorded a part of it. The we arrived into a children playground. Being french, I don't know the words to describe it. But there we tripped big time. We emptied a bottle of wine, smoked a couple of cigarettes. One of us was seeing nothing but shadows. As for the rest of us, we suddendly found the ground to be moving, "breathing" under our feet. I took some time alone to trip by myself, and we lost ourselves once again.
The rest is pretty blurry, as by 4:20 the effects started to disappear on me. After a last stroll through the park, we got out of it by 5:00 AM. The others where still tripping on lights, trashcans, people, cars ...

We eventually went back to my place, where we took some well deserved coffee. After a night in the park, the sudden profusion of light and colours from my flat felt quite aggressive to us. At 5:30, we found ourselves playing Worms4 on the PlayStation2. The effects now where totally gone on me. By 6:00, everybody left or went to bed. And I woke up 4 hours later, hungover bu happy. Really, really happy !

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