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My first shroom trip

My First shroom trip

Hi. i guess you could say im kind of new to this site, but i`ve just registered so i can write this trip report. Ahhh my first mushroom trip! It all began when my friend gave me 2 doses of amazonian shrooms for me and my girlfriend. Around 10:00 p.m. we ate them along with 2 vitamin C pills to increase the effect. At first i thought it was a good idea to watch pink floyds "the wall" but i never watched it before and it was way too sad to watch. Although i knew the mushrooms were starting to kick in because for some reason i couldnt stop laughing at the one guy in the movie. I kept repeating that he looked like wolverine from x-men and the tears came down from so much laughter. Then i DEFINATLY knew my journey had began when i went into the bathroom to take a piss and i pushed the plunger down, and the noise from the water spinning seemed to go from lower to higher and seemed to last forever. My pupils in the mirror had completely taken over me. "Here it comes!" I said. I went back into my living room and we both became in love with the carpet on the floor. It kinds of like a shag carpet so every little peice started growing upwards and it was like i could bury my hand into the carpet. Me and me girlfriend decided to watch the movie Madagascar. Jesus H. As we both sat on my bed it seemed like i was melting into a jelly substance, or fluff. Slowly fading into my mattress, the desk that my monitor was on began to shrink down, and then get bigger. It was like it was breathing in and out. My walls had a reddish tint to them and i could swear that they had turned to flesh and were breathing in and out like some wild beast. Back to the movie Madagascar i had become completely confused and started waving my one finger in motions i`ve never really done before. My gf asked why i was pointing at the movie and moving my finger and i said "I`m trying to figure this movie out by using my mathematical equations." Yes, trying to solve a movie with math haha.  Now the other half of my trip............My stomach felt raw and there was no way out of it....i puked...but figuring that my trip would peak i ran to the bathroom and puked in the tub. As i was done puking, i looked into the tub and saw that my puke started to swirl and spin  like those swirly lollipops you get at the carnivals. i was amazed with it hah.. I cleaned the tub after what i though was a lifetime trying to figure out how to turn the water on. Everytime i turned the faucet i kind of got so confused that i quickly shut it off because i didnt know if i was turning the right thing. I made it out of my room and into bed. This was probably the 6th hour of tripping. as i lay there with my girlfriend i looked up at the ceiling and saw what seemed to be star wars "empire" destroyers moving above me.I raised my head and my door starting moving back and forth and everytime it opened a bright blue light would shine through like a light saber. every moment or so i would be looking straight ahead and out the corner of my eye would be this bright red beam. I would look over to my left, and it would dissappear. Looking straight ahead again the red beam would re-appear, shining into my carpet, and when i looked over at it again it would dissappear. I think the only "freaky" thing about my trip was when i was laying next to my girlfriend. I turned over and her head was HUGE! At first i didnt even know if it was my girlfriend or not because it seemed like her hair had grown into a giant bush and he face was swollen and warped. My god.....hahah Other than that i loved it!! My first trip was amazing. I didnt really put to much on how my gf tripped because she didnt trip as hard as i did. Apparently i REALLY tripped harder than her. I`ll describe it as this........It was like if you bought a gallon of Vodka from the store and you had 1 shot and i drank the rest of the bottle. I guess you compare it to that on how much more i tripped than my gf. ahhhh i want more!!!!!!!!

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