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1st trip Civilization starts over

into oblivion

It was the first time I experienced shrooms...and it was out of this world! Myself, shad, caleb, jake, and josh Decided we were going to TRIP. The site was in the forest at the end of three lakes where each was lower than the next with a waterfall draining down into the next. We set up a camp at the bottom of the 3rd lake where the waterfall drained into a creek with high rock cliffs on each side. In the middle of the creed we set up the fire on a dry rock with water around both sides. shad and I set up the tent while the other guys went and got the battery boombox, the shrooms, and the Fatty Joint with shrooms in it! We made trippy music cd's to listen to with such artists as bjork, david bowie, pink floyd, and Gentle giant!!! after everyone got back to the campsite around dusk we all ate 5 grams of shrooms and smoked the best kind bud joint with shrooms and turned on a bjork cd and lit the fire. the scene was beautifull, the fire was reflecting shadows through the trees and dancing on the rock walls, the sound of trickeling water in the background and the music set us up for a wierd night. It took 30 minutes for us to start to realize that we were tripping HARD!!!!!! We started out getting very chatty and feeling happy and getting into deep conversations.....From here on out it will only be about what I experienced and felt first hand......Ok.....I remember sitting by the fire and looking up at the smoke from the fire and the moonlight shining through the trees, I lost all sense of reality and I suddenly felt as if I was hundreds of feet above a city like manhattan just suspended in the air and I was looking directly down at all the tall buildings, almost stretching up to me, what I was actually seeing was the beams of moonlight through the trees but my perception was f'd up......I realized where I was and snapped out of that visual, looking at a 2 ton bolder in the creek, the shadows from the fire light made it resemble a koala bear head, I took a double take and heard the sound as if a thousand pound boulder was scraping across a cave floor and it seemed as if the head turned and looked at me, I blinked and it was just a rock again...Weird! This was about 1 hour into the trip,  Suddenly we all realized Jake was missing so we ventured out into the forest looking for him. I remember the feeling was as if we were in a search party in the movies where like 50-100 people are spread out in a manhunt for a missing person at night, everybody calling his name, flashlights everywhere, I felt like a was going on and on and on forever but realized I was just circling this one little spot over and over and over, finally calebs flashlight lands on jake hunched down by a bush...in his underwear with his wallet in his hand with all his money and reciepts and cards and shit organized out in the dirt. We all surrounded him as if this wasnt strange at all and listened as he told us that these were all the clues we needed to find the lost city and that we are so close to finding out where we came from! we had only been gone from camp for about probly 20 min but it had seemed like years we had been out here for years and now this was our quest to find the lost city where we came from "our campsite"! the moon was gone by now and it was totally pitch black, we had one pocket flashlight that was as dim as a lighter, we were walking amelessly through the woods to find the lost city. I was feeling like the leader like everybodys life depended on me, so I told everybody to hold on to eachothers shoulders and follow me back...I couldnt see anything, not even the fire light because it was over and down a small lake dam. I closed my eyes and stopped breathing so I could hear the faint sound of the boombox through the woods. I listened carefully to the sound of the music as I guided us back with only my ears, step by step through which seemed like eternity but we finally bot over the dam and saw the firelight and were BACK!!! Back to our own civilization! When we got back to camp I realized that josh had been there the whole time and had no idea of what just happened and was totally not on our same wavelength, he was watching crawfish swimming around in a small pool babbling on about the green glow of the slime and how it was radioactive slime....whatever,I was just glad to be back. What followed seemed to be a couple of hours of sitting around nibbleing on shroomies and talking about such topics as heaven, and god , the beginning of all things, and the topic of sight and colors and what if everybody sees different colors but we call them the same names bacause weve been told our whole lives that this was red and this was blue but in all actuallity my red looks like your orange and my skin color looks like what u see as hot pink. I could bee seeing hot pink sky's, purple people, red sky, and yellow roads and you wouldnt even know because even though I see them all as different colors I use the same names for them as you do!!!!!! Deeeep huh? I decided to go off into the woods by myself becasue I had eaten about another gram or so of shrooms and felt so alive and adventureous. I walked onto the path and soon it came to a fork...the moon was back out by now and I saw a pine tree in front of me but in the shadows and light I saw a face, I asked the face which way I should go and I imagined that it said I should go the right way, its eyes darted right, my left, and I went that way...down a rocky slope into the woods, into the deepest pitch black darkness I had ever seen. I suddenly felt a coolness all around me, I was in a dry creekbed at the opening of a cave "I didnt know this at the time"  but i all of a sudden felt a sharp panic all over my body and a feeling of immense dread. I was lost. Lost in eternal darkness and felt as any way I picked to proceed would surely send me out into the neverending darkness, the black abyss. I once again closed my eyes put my hands in front of me and just listened to the sounds of the faint radio.....slowly but surely stumbling through the darkness until I came up from out of the dry creek and saw the fire light and my friends around the fire... I walked up to them and listened to them talking for a moment and it sounded like another language, like babble I couldnt pick out anything but they were just going at it in a deep conversation, I asked if they would like to come into the woods on a journey with me and the acted as if I was invisible, a ghost! So I turned around back into the woods and down the slope and then into the darkness and realized I was back into the same situation as just before and had to try and escape the darkness, this happened about 3 times in a row, as soon as I would escape, I would find myself back in it again...I finally escaped the darkness for the last time and found the fire almost out and the guys huddled close around it like helpless children. It was kind of cold by now into the later parts of the night. I sat down with them and we got into a conversation about this fire was the reason we are alive and without fire we wont be able to rebuild civilization, at all cost we must keep the fire alive if we had any hope of surviving. So once again I acted as the leader and spoke up. "its simple, if we need warmth we need fire, if we need fire we need wood, if we need wood we need to go to the truck where all the fire wood is."  The truck was through the woods through that "dark abyss" and up a 100 yard trail. We started on out mission to keep ourselves alive by keeping the fire alive. we didnt get far because caleb was crawling on the ground talking to sumthing and shad was just wandering and jake and josh went back because the were scared or lazy or what? So I called caleb and shad together and we huddled on the ground in the darkness, I broke out the pipe and the bag of weed and started sprinkling the weed into the pipe by the light of a lighter and caleb said" wait ur spilling it" I responded in a calm voice..."its ok, its ok, because its still getting in the bowl, it will fill up soon!" This seemed to take care of  his worries and we sat in the dark and smoked untill it was all gone. We got up and continued to finish our quest to get wood. We got to the truck and completely forgot why we had come here. We saw a porch light of an old cabin in the distance and we felt as we made a discovery. We all 3 agreed that there were people in there hiding, watching out the windows, they were dangerous and could harm us, so we went back to the truck and remembered the fire wood. We loaded up our arms and made our way back to the camp which seemed to be rather easy this time..probly because the shrooms were wearing off. we built up the fire and everybody decided to lay down in the tent. it was so stuffy in the tent that I grabbed my comforter and went down to the tall grass by the edge of the creek and  laid down wrapped up like a burrito with 2 foot tall grass surrounding me looking up at the stars as they vanished into the slow changing morning sky....the sound of the water trickling over the stones just feet from my head, I felt so comfortable in my bed of nature. The birds began to chirp as the sky grew lighter...I arose from my bed about 50 yards down creek from the camp to see the guys coming out of the tent....we headed up to the lake to watch the sunrise together. What we saw was the most beautiful sunrise of my life. Steam rose off the water 25 feet into the air, the sky was 10 different shades from purple to pink to orange to light blue, the smell of the moist grass filled my nose and the sound of crickets, frogs and birds filled my ears like a symphony from mother earth herself. We looked at each other as if we had arrived on a new planet and after a long journey. It was my first and only time tripping shrooms and I just wanted to share it with you. Thanks! 

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