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colorful cops

finally scored some shrooms

well iv been smoking weed for a few years ans iv popped over 20 hits of ecstasy, but iv been dieing to do shrooms!

so i talked a friend of mine who knew some with some dank ass fungi, i bought and eighth and so did 3 of my very good friends. one of my friends mom was a hippy and lived out in this woodland area so we decided that would be a dope ass place to eat the shrooms. so we got the shrooms and ate (at about 8:30pm)them before we left on the drive to the woods. i drank a lot of orange juice with mine and sat back and watched the giants game.

then we left my friends house and started driving. the driver hadnt ate his shrooms yet because he didnt want it to kick in while he was driving so we pulled over so he could eat his 8th. this is when it started to kick in which was about 20 mins later. i got a huge body high, more than ecstasy even. i got out of the car and started walkin around and i felt like i was flying. then we were back on the road again about 3omins away from our destination. my friend who was sitting in the back with me was in control of the ipod and he was playing infected mushroom and i was trippin pretty hard at this point. my hands felt like they werent attached to my body and my friends face was stretching in and out.

this is when shit got crazy......a cop pulled behind us when we were about 10mins away from our destination. my friend was like "oh shit a cop evryone be cool" but he wasnt shrooming yet so he wasnt tripping. well u had about a fourth of an eighth in my pocket and i pulled it out and was like "fuck what do i do with these shrooms" when i said this suddenly everyhting around me got colorful and my voice sounded like it came from someone else. well eventually we lost the cop and all the buildings around us were becoming 3D to me and by this time i was almost peaking.

we got to my friends moms house and by this time evryone was tripping hard, my friends mom was not home but she was guna be back soon so we decided to walk through the woods while it was dark. while we were walkin through the woods i kept forgetting what we were doing and what i was thinkin, then i became a different person but i wasnt sure who i had become. i jus knew i wasnt my self. i kept forgetting i was high on shrooms and thought the visuals were normal. trees were bending and twisting and breathing with my breathing. then we got down by a river where me and my tree friends sat and had an in depth conversation about how cops, and time was no longer a factor with us. we all sat an d laughed and then we were all speechless. my friend then said "alright my mom should be home by now" so we headed back. i couldnt remeber the entire walk back but when we got there my friends mom had scored us an eighth of purple kush (some dank bud) and we smoked it. this felt great and the smoke felt likt it was cleansing my body and restoring it to purity. and i could RIP the fuckin bong hard! there was no end to my lung capacity, it was dope! then me and my best friend since 6th grade sat and looked at a calender of cartoons. when i stopped looking at the calender and looked at my friends mom she was a cartoon from the fuckin calender! then she made us pizza and the pizza was a fuckin explosion of flavor in my mouth! i had never had pizza so fuckin good. at this point i started comming off the shrooms and was starting to feel the effect of the weed more than the shrooms. the only problem was i couldnt feel the left side of my head. i sat there for about 20mins thinking about this, and my thoughts were flowing very easy like never before. then at about 3am we left my friends moms house and the ride home was probably the best part. i had control of the ipod this time so i played beatles and me and my friends sank into the smooth sounds of the beatles while we had a relaxing ride home. Dope ass first time over all, cant wait to fuckin do shrooms again.

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