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Wierd ass trip

I felt like i was sitting inside my brain watching my life as a cartoon

I've smoked weed millions of times but one night my friend and I got 10 grams of beautiful, smelly, sticky purple haze. We had all day so in the end we just decided to blow it all at once. A couple of hours later and I was fucked up. The entire world had been turned into a cartoon every second i turned my head everything would blur for a split moment, because it was drawing itself right before my very eyes. I reached up to put my hands against my face and screamed. Who the fuck was i?!? This isnt my head, these aren't my hands!!! Then i calmed down, im just watching a T.V. show I thought laughing. Suddenly it was so funny i could stop cracking up. I was laughing so hard I just had to run somewhere. I walked out the door and stumbled through my neighborhood laughing like a craized maniac. Grabbing peoples shoulders and laughing in thier face to spread the joy. Then on accident I slapped my left hand to my right elbow. Then I hit my left elbow with my right hand. Then I did both a the same time. Once I started I couldn't stop. My arms had turned into a huge accordian with little hands. I walked around the neighborhood for a bit, slapping myself and listening to the beautiful music my accordian hands made. I was getting scared now. How long had I been in toonland? An hour? Two? Four? I started to cry great heaving sobs as i crawled to my house. My friend was thier passed out on the couch. I hit her hard in the crotch. I started to talk about stuff -- like how i was gonna be trapped in toonland forever and how once i was gone she'd miss me -- idk i dont remeber much more. All i know is that im never smoking that much again man

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