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The last temptation of.....

26 grams into tea and down the hatch...Bye bye

I was tripping quite a bit at that time in my life. A buddy and me were regularly ingesting a half ounce at a time plus, in a night.
I got home around 9pm after a mild bar experience, still lucid, or so i thought, grabbed the quart size freezer bag, a little over three
quarters full, put it in the blender, the only source i had at the time, boiled some water, mixed it all with some raspberry tea that i found in the pantry, the only source i had at the time, and gulped it down, pulp and all. All but about a small swig of it.

 "Ha ha ha,bye bye dick head." I later recollected the quote from Good Fellas, and applied it to the memory.

  I thought I'd go lay down in bed, put on a movie, The Last Temptation of Christ, the only source i had at the time, and just mellow into the trip.....I was wrong.....It hit me like a fuckin train, full on sodomizing of the brain. I noticed a buzzing sound kind of like that of a fax reaching it's destination, but in a few octaves lower. And then, in with the organized colorful patterns in the air. And i noticed that time was actually stopping  periodically. The movie's audio and video alternated  pausing intermittently. So, wh.....at I hea....rd was kind o.....f like th......is.  About that time i waved my hands in front of my face, i always thought that that was a stupid devise to gauge a trip by, but it worked too well this time and i saw at least 20 fingers on each hand. When i tried to control what i was seeing and limit it to, oh say, 9 per hand, they started to multiply until i was unable to see anything at all but a three dimensional light show roller coaster that i felt phisically as well. ( i have recently, by accident, employed a screen saver that emulates it, it's pretty sweet.) But anyways...

  I stared at the clock until it made sense, then, after forever finally got done, i was able to make out the number 10:30, I rolled over, curled up into a ball and talked to God about whether or not i was coming back from this trip. He made it sound like i might not. It seemed like 2 of the longest  hours i had ever been a part of. I rolled back over and stared at the clock for another 2 hours until it finally made sense again, 10:31....Fuuuuck, shiiiit, i started to imagine myself in a straight jacket.

Very uncomfortable, the only little piece of solace i had was remembering a conversation i had with  Carlito just days before, about it being nearly impossible to overdose, true or not it saved my ass. I'm not even sure what i'd have done if that piece of information hadn't reached me. It became my mantra...I'm not gonna trip till i die....I'm not gonna trip till i die...

   I spent about the equivalent of a day and a half in county figuring out how to turn off the TV, thinking some discomfort would be shed, I was wrong, but there was no way i was going to go through that shit again trying to figure out how to get it back on. So I lay there, at times unable to move and others unable to stop. All the while in the back of my mind...I'm not gonna trip till i die....

Tripping again seemed unimaginable...and then after yet another forever finally got done I felt it wanting to come up...i suppressed it the best i could, I made it to just past my bedroom door and projectiled it onto the floor, a trail to bathroom instant fuckin relief man. When i got back to my room i was able to make out the clock, 10:36...just kidding Ithink it was lik 1 somthing. I felt pretty good,good enough to finish the swig. I did, went outside sat on the bench in my back yard and chilled.

Wouldn't take it back fer nothin...Thanks for reading...Rivmik

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