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More to the make up of our reality

I have a level 5 trip I posted in May as reference for my experience on this trip.

I have a level 5 trip I posted in May as reference for my experience on this trip. That level 5 trip was the most amazing experience of my life, but was still very hard on my body. So I took significantly less this time. 2-3 hours after taking the mushrooms I peak. The world is spinning horizontally, and is made up up tiny dots. Like pixels on a TV or computer monitor. As things progress into the visuals time slows down. For each pixel there are 360 degrees of different directions that things can go. At each moment in time it becomes clear to me that anything can happen, I can go in any dircetion I want. And in the slowing of time and space I know that for every possible direction you can go, there is a reality where you took every possible choice. The complexity of our reality becomes clear. I can feel a glimpse of God's work. I am looking out over a field and into a big blue sky. I extend my hand as if it were the direction of my life. And I move my hand and arm up and down and all around. I can take my life any which way I want. Yet somehow in all the possible choices of life, I can feel that our existence is actually quite linear. That regardless of the direction we go, it all ends up the same in the end. I concentrate on the woman I love, and can feel all the crossroads of her life. I feel that I can almost change history. I concentrate on specific moments of happiness I shared with her and tried to relive them. But my feeble brain can not quite bring it about. As I travelled back in time I can see a line leading from my present state of existence arcing to my previous. And as I travelled to other times and places I can see additional lines stringing them together.
- In retrospect I think this trip has given me insight in the direction in which I want my life to continue. I realize now that fate is a fickle thing and can never be taken for granted. And I hope that our creator grants me the strength I need to accomplish the things I want.

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