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An insane trip with Zeppelin and a fish

It was my first night at my university

I had just transfered from a community college to a four year university (which is 5 hours from my hometown) in the spring semester, which begins  in early January.  My parents had just left that sunday from moving me in to go back home.  I didn't know anybody except for a few people from high school.  One of them, I'll call Joe, called me up and said he had some shrooms from new years that he wanted to take.  Maybe it was the combination of the excitment of being on my own so far away and not wanting to be alone on my first night ( i guess i should mention I left a boyfriend behind, we have dated for about 8 months and completly in love, still are, so I was feeling slightly down) either way I was totally down for a crazy mushroom night.

Joe said that another one of his friends, who lived in a dorm, I'll call him N, wanted to try them too.  NOw, i've never met the guy and it was going to be his first time, but I didn't think twice about it.  So at 6pm that night I picked up Joe and we both went to N's dorm.  Right when we got there, Joe pulled out the mushrooms and we discussed how much we should take and explained to N how he would feel.  By the way, N's dorm was sick! Every inch of the wall was covered in posters, he had black light images everywhere, empy alcohol bottles, a really nice computor, flat screen and a bunk bed in the corner.  OH and he had a little round table with a couple chairs around it and placed in the middle of the table was a half gallon of Jose Quervo, filled with water, and a  real gold fish swimming around in it (this is important).

OK, so Joe had a decent amount, probably less than 3 1/8ths worth.  We started eathing them at 7, I only took about a gram to begin with, mushrooms tend to effect me really fast, so i wanted to pace myself.  N took about the same amount, and Joe took his half. N put in fear and loathing in las vegas, and we all chlled on the bed waiting for them to kick in.  Well, an hour passed, and none of us felt anything! So I took more, so did N, but there was still some left.  Well, then things got crazy...

I remember looking at the Movie and it was trippin me out, the scene where they see all of the dinasaures or monsters with slime made me feel so gross.  I figured I should stop looking at the movie, so i turned my attention to the room, and ofcourse there was a poster of Fear and loathing, the one where Johnny Depp's head is all twisted, well that really freaked me out.  And then I looked at N and Joe and thier heads were twisted in the same way!  I thought OH NO, i guess this is what a bad trip is (I've taken shrooms 3 times before, but all were mellow compared to this) So I used all my energy to ask how J and N felt.  Joe said he didn't feel much, N said he felt wierd, I said i was trippin balls.  They laughed... I decided I had to go pee, so I wonder out in the hall with J to find the restroom....OH man, this is a dorm so public restrooms ok....Well I go out there and the hall way is crooked, two girls pass by and they stare at me as slime oozes out of thier eyes....ahh freaking out, I finally make it to the bathroom, take one look in the mirror and run out...Ok maybe I don't have to pee I say.  IN my head I keep going in a circle that I'm having bad trip and i'ts going to suck, but then I"d laugh and be ok. 

Then my cell phone rang....i had it set to the ring tone of Dazed and confused by Zeppelin.  It's my dad, they must of just arrived.  I remember staring at my phone and not even able to comprehend why my dad was calling and how to even answer the phone.  Joe said to turn it off and hide it, but my parents are CRAZY and if id on't answer they would freak out.  So i muster all soberness I can and call my dad, I ca'nt even tell you what i said.  Then my boyfriend calls  ...."beeen dazzed and confuussed for so long its notreal...." I definitly don't want to answer, and I didn't tell him i was shrooming and I didn't want to tell him now, cuz if a fight broke out I knew I couldn't handle it.  SO we go back in the room, consequently, N had just put in a Zeppelin cd, and dazed and confused began.  At this point, i was losing grip on reality.  The song kept going forever, and then my phone would ring and that damn song again.  Soon that is all I could hear, I laid down and saw the most amazing visuals, prisims and such, but my eyes were closes.  It freaked me out, i could here the boys talking but i couldn't understand anything, that freaked me out more.  Finally N shouted to me "what classes are you registered for" huh? what? classes? I couldn't wrap my mind around school, it is so wierd, i can' t even explain it. It was like school seemed such a distant thing, I remember looking at the clock and not comprehending time.  It was awful and wonderful at the same time. i went back to lying down an dclosing my eyes and focusing on the music, it felt like hours passed, but dazed and confused was still playing.  I finally asked, "is the song on repeat?" they both looked confused, N got up to check, and it wasn't! It had only been 5 minutes and all of us were out of our minds.  When we realized that the song was in normal time, we freaked cuz we all honestly thought atleast 2 hours has passed. Then more silence and thinking,,, again we'd hear the song...it was crazy, a minute seeemed like an eternity.  Finally N made it to his computor to change music but he go to caught up on the screensaver.  Joe kept saying he felt wierd and he thought he was having abad trip but then he'd laught and be ok....just like me.

Then out of no where we all focus our attention on the goldfish in the bottle.  We just stare at it and realize it is swimming around franticly.  Then it jumps out of the botle!! It was the craziest thing i've see, and all of us saw it but we didn't know if we all just had the same hallucination or if it really ahppend.  N finally picked up the fish, which was now lying in the carpet, and put it backin the bottle....it floated up, dead.  We all just stared at eachother, still not knowing if it happened.  Then we realy started tripping cuz none of us could figure anything out...we couldn't understand eachother, we kept repeating ourselves, and we couldn't figure out how much shrooms we ate.  The bags were empty, but we knew there was some left.  Then we thought we had been in the room for days, just eatching shrooms, we couldn' tfathim time, even after looking at the date on the computor, it didn't make sense.  It is very scary to feel that confused.  We all silently decided it was best to find our spots and just roll with it.  I laid on the bed, eyes closed, Joe in his chair, and N on the floor.  I came to some awesome conclusions, thought about how much I loved my boyfriend and my family, and also the universe....then i'd freak out cuz i couln't remember my name...and so on.   Finally we all came down at about midnight, not that long of a trip (seeems like eternity though)  We all were very happy to be sober but also talked about our trips happily.  Then it was like nothing happened.... Another guy stopped by and said he had some coke....so we were like yeah some lines would do us good.  So we took about four lines each, smoked some pot and around 5am I crawled into mybed, set my alarm, and began classes at 9am the next morning..

All i can say is that this was an incredibly strong trip..I know this summary didn't not do it justice because I can't even explain what happened.  Mushrooms are wonderful but you have to have a strong mind and be in a good place to handle them.  I will continue to try them and will never forget my trip in the dorm on my frist night of college

By the way...this fish did jump out , apparently you can't put a fish in a bottle like that, cuz oxygen is not able to go in...so the fish was suffocating and commited suicide.  NUTS to see when sober, undescrible to see on mushrooms


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