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Hello and welcome to the Post-it Notes FAQ! This document was compiled to provide a definitive source of information regarding the psychoactive effects of 3M brand Post-it Notes. Whether you're an experienced Post-it Notes user or a newbie who's never tried them before, this document should provide you with some useful information on one of the more unorthodox uses of Post-it Notes. Read and learn!

General Overview:

In the mid 1970s, 3M brought a new product to market - the 'Post-it Note'. Initially sold in pads of 250 sheets, the light-yellow Post-it Notes each had a strip of adhesive on their back which allowed the sheets to be stuck on various surfaces - desks, windows, monitors, etc. - and then removed cleanly. Post-it Notes were an immediate success, selling over 50,000,000 pads in their first year of production. 3M quickly built on their success by introducing Post-it Notes with alternative colors, alternate sizes, and alternate shapes.

Post-it Notes make the lives of business people everywhere easier, but they also benefit entheogen enthusiasts! Approximately a decade after Post-it Notes went on the market, the startling discovery was made that the adhesive used in Post It Notes contains a moderately potent hallucinogen, 3,4,5 triphenethyline. This chemical is similar to phenethyline, which is one of the basic isomers in many popular recreational drugs. When smoked, ingested, or absorbed intra-dermally (through the skin), this drug causes psychoactivity, euphoria, and mild disassociation. The trip usually lasts about 8 hours (although duration varies with dosage), and the peak is typically at around the 3 hour mark.

What kind should I get?

It is very important that your purchase only 3M brand Post-it Notes. Although people have reported having limited success using OfficeMax brand sticky notes, in general you should stick with the real thing. At best a generic brand will contain a different adhesive and you won't trip, at worst a generic brand will contain a different adhesive, and you'll die.

For variety, you may wish to try different types of 3M brand Post-it Notes. Each color and size gives a unique trip, similar to the difference between strains of herb or strains of mushroom. Neon Post-it Notes, pictured to the left, are popular due to their 'clean' trip and their intense visuals.


First, you need to decide how hard you want to trip. Post-it Notes can give anything from a lazy, light, body-high to a full-blown, nail-your-brain-to-the-floor psychedelic experience. The strength of the trip is directly affected by your body-weight, fortunately there's a relatively easy calculation to arrive at the correct number of Post-it Notes for you:

Level 1:
'Level 1' trips are characterized by a feeling of happiness or giddiness, along with a feeling of 'being outside your body' and a loss of motor control. There are typically no hallucinations during a level 1 experience.

Level 2:
With a 'Level 2' trip, you will notice an increased feeling of happiness or giddiness. You will feel as though you are not attached to your body, and you will probably see some closed-eye visuals. Also, you may notice some 'strobing' (where it looks like everything is moving in slow motion) and 'flanging' (where sound seems to repeat itself).

Level 3:
With a 'Level 3' trip, you will feel intensely happy, and may find yourself laughing at anything and everything. The 'disassociative' effect of Post-it Notes becomes more pronounced, and when lying down you may feel as though you are leaving your body entirely. You may also feel like your heart stopped or you are no longer breathing - this is the nature of a disassociative, and it's nothing to be concerned about. You will have intricate, vivid closed-eye visuals, and possibly open-eye visuals. Strobing and flanging will be more noticeable.

Level 4:
With a 'Level 4' trip, you will feel overcome with happiness and joy. The disassociate effect will be more pronounced, and you may feel like you're 'watching you life on TV'. Strobing and flanging will be very noticeable and may make it difficult to see and hear in loud or bright places. Hallucinations will be vivid, lifelike, and equally noticeable with open or closed eyes.

How to Trip:

Smoke them:

Post-it Notes can be smoked to achieve the desired effects. There are two ways of going about this. You can either use the Post-it Note itself as 'rolling paper' to roll a cigarette (with tobacco or marijuana), or you can scrape the glue off the note using a sharp knife, which will result in a small pile of adhesive which can be smoked out of a vaporizer, sprinkled on top of herb, or smoked by itself in a pipe or bong.

Smoking is NOT practical if you want a level 2+ trip, however. If you weigh 150 lbs, you'd have to smoke at least 9 Post-It Notes to achieve the desired effects. Scraping and smoking the glue, instead of the entire note, will allow you to reach higher levels without having to smoke multiple Post-it cigarettes. However, if you're looking for an easier method to reach level 3 or 4, you should try:

Intra-Dermal Absorption

When Post-it Notes are stuck to bare skin, the 3,4,5 triphenethyline is absorbed into the bloodstream. While the trip will take longer to come on using this method (around 45 minutes as opposed to 2 - 3 minutes when smoked), you don't have to worry about scraping a dozen Notes or smoking a dozen cigarettes to reach your desired level.

To be most effective, the Post-it Notes should be stuck to the skin near large blood vessels. The throat, wrist, and buttocks all contain large veins and should work well. However, the ideal place to stick the Post-it Notes for fastest absorption and strongest effects is the groin area, between your belly-button and your genitals. Unfortunately, pubic hair can inhibit the absorption (or even prevent it almost entirely!) so it's important to shave your body anywhere you plan to stick the Notes.

Trip Timetable:

Although the length and intensity of your trip will depend on how many Post-it Notes you use, all trips follow basically the same timetable:

When Smoked:
When Absorbed:
3 minutes45 minutesFirst effects start to take place. Mild "drunkenness" effect.
40 minutes60 minutesSlightly more drunken state, mild euphoria.
90 minutes100 minutesDrunken state. Euphoria, mild disassociation, strobing and flanging.
180 minutes180 minutesPeak. "Stoning" effect. Intense euphoria, disassociation, and hallucinations, depending on dose.
450 minutes450 minutesReturn to reality. Effects fade quickly, and by 8 hours you should be close to sober.


3,4,5 triphenethyline is a very safe chemical, with a ED50:LD50 ration of 540. This means that if you typically use 10 Post-it Notes to trip, you'd have to take 5,400 Post-it Notes to put yourself at risk. Good luck finding space on your body! Smoking Post-it Notes can cause respiratory damage, as can smoking any substance.


Post-it Notes are terrific - they're cheap, they're safe, and they're legal. If you enjoy mind-expanding experiences, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Hopefully, this FAQ helped point you in the right direction. It will be constantly revised and updated, so check back for the latest information on Post-it Notes. Thanks for reading!

Trip Reports!!!

Please help by sending more trip reports!

Sunday, I was home alone, with my parents gone to a wedding all day. I read the Post-It notes FAQ on a web site, and decided to try it. I took 6 Post-It notes and rolled them up. I then smoked the notes till all the sticky substance was gone, As soon as I took the first hit, I felt kind of mellow and care free. After I had smoked all the sticky stuff off them, I felt even more care free. The notes burnt my lip, however, leaving a big sore white spot on it. I quickly put an ice cube to my lip after I was done smoking. There was a tiny bit of weakening of hand-eye coordination (I had trouble typing correctly), but my reaction time was not shortened (I was able to catch an ice cube I dropped). There were some audio hallucinations (I thought I heard someone coming in through my back door). There was not too much euphoria, or but there was a little bit of lightheadedness. All in all, it wasn't an unpleasent experience, but after burning my lip, if I do it again, I'll find another way to go about it. -Demon (